The United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation

The United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation was founded to operate for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation received an advance ruling from the IRS to receive the proper tax-exempt designation, to be tested on performance over the next few years.

The purposes for the Foundation are detailed in the Certificate of Incorporation, as well as the corporation Bylaws. The Foundation has tried to envision the appropriate direction of the game in the next few years as the game closes out this seventh century of continuous play. We have tried to make the purposes of the fund detailed enough to meet the proper restrictions of the IRS and yet broad enough to enable the fund to be flexible to meet changing demands in the game as we enter a new millennium.

Some of the activities that the new Foundation will undertake to finance and promote include but are not limited to the development of:

  • junior player identification and training programs
  • international relationships through international competition for amateurs
  • international relationships through cooperation with national governing bodies through meetings, seminars, and jointly developed educational programs
  • training programs for the management of facilities and equipment
  • research into and management of the construction of court tennis facilities
  • educational and other publicly distributed materials such as books, magazines, article, public relations materials, special exhibits, audio, video, and other media material

Beginning in 1995/96, the Foundation has accepted significant donations. The most significant is the transfer of funds that had been raised to build the Washington D.C. court tennis court at the Regency Health and Sport Club, under the terms of a partnership agreement with Regency.

The Foundation will help the USCTA to move forward in carrying out the broader mission of the Association to preserve, develop and administer the game in the United States. Our goal is to coordinate the efforts of the past with the promise of the future.

If you would like to donate to any of these funds, we would urge you to contact an officer of the Foundation, your club representative, or the respective chairman of one of these funds.

Checks can be made payable to: The United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation (U.S.C.T.P.F.) and mailed to the following:

Jane C. Lippincott, Treasurer
P.O. Box 194
Jamestown, RI 02835

2017/18 Officers

William F. McLaughlin, Jr., Chairman
Pennock J. Yeatman IV, President
Suzanne H. Schwartz, Secretary
Jane C. Lippincott, Treasurer

Simon P. B. Aldrich
Gregory A. Beard
William T. Bickford
Charles C. de Casteja
Peter J. di Bonaventura

Temple Grassi
C. Andrew McGowan
Howard McMorris II
Richard J. Moroscak Jr.
Jonathan H. Pardee
Vernon Peterson-Cassin
Julie Rinaldini

James Van Alen
Peter A. Vogt