The Game

Court Tennis has been played in its present form since the 12th century.  It is known in other countries around the world as “real tennis,” “royal tennis” and “jeu de paume.”

While court tennis is not today a well known sport in the United States, it has a long and rich history, being the original game played with a strung racquet and a ball over a net.

Those lucky enough to play the game enjoy not only the unique athletic and strategic challenges it represents, but also appreciate its heritage.

Today, the game is experiencing a resurgence of popularity worldwide.  In the US, there are new and refurbished courts in action, joining courts with over a century of tradition.  Each court is unique, architecturally, historically.

The game is no mere pastime.  It can incite the same passion as golf, the same devotion as gardening, the same frustration as chess.  It can work up a sweat as good as a game of basketball, can create lifelong friendships half a planet away, and will definitely kindle an interest in medieval history and the evolution of racquet sports!

One of the unique features of Court Tennis is its preservation of a game of sportsmanship and honor.  Tradition plays a big role in its character and appeal.