The player development program was officially launched in 2014. It is a joint initiative, run by the U.S. Court Tennis Association and the U.S. Court Tennis Preservation Foundation.  There are three main projects: juniors, women and elites.

Bathurst Academy

The Bathurst Academy is an initiative to find, develop, retain, and improve the top amateur talent in the U.S. game. Players in the age range of 26-40 will be primarily targeted.  This is focused on players ages twenty-six to forty who are the best in the country and able to play on our national team in the international Bathurst competition. The program is funding an annual training camp weekend and coordinating the Bathurst Cup.

Junior Development Program

One of the keys to the growth of court tennis in the U.S. is through the development of junior players. The goal of this initiative is to promote the growth of the junior game by expanding our existing junior programs and introducing the game to new players. Our target age range is 10-18 years of age, although some consideration will be given to the college-age group.  This initiative funds existing junior programs, helps to add more events, organizes a summer camp and develops our top-level Juniors to compete in the Van Alen Cup.

Ladies' Development Program

The goal of the Women’s Development Initiative is to solidify the U.S. women’s playing base, encourage more play amongst the women, and increase the number of women players.  This initiative funds inter-club matches and clinics.