* U.S. Ladies Updated

The 2014 United States Ladies Open was held at Prince’s Court November 1-3.  The field consisted of ten ladies including top U.S. player Amanda Avedissian and featuring the ladies world number one player, Claire Vigrass. The early rounds in singles held true to form and saw the debut of Washington’s talented junior upstart, Tess Browne, who showed a fighting spirit and gave the spectators many reasons to believe that she could contend for this title down the road as she continues to develop her game.  Prince’s Court’s own Mary Livingston and Pat Homer used the home court advantage to their benefit by advancing easily through their first round matches.  Speaking of home court advantage, this tournament saw the homecoming of former Prince’s Court ladies champion and now Racquet Club of Philadelphia member, Melissa Purcell, and she looked right at home as she rolled through her first round match and battled the no.2 Avedissian tooth and nail in the semifinal but fell short in her upset bid 6-4, 6-2.  Her doubles partner and fellow Philadelphian, Kathy Carson, matched up against world no. 1 Claire Vigrass in the other semifinal.    Kathy gave it everything she had and didn’t give Claire many free points but Claire had all the answers and moved on to the final with a straight set win.  The final, Vigrass v. Avedissian, was a repeat of the 2012 final where Claire won 6-0, 6-0, so not only did Avedissian want to exact some revenge but Claire also hadn’t lost a game all tournament, so she was bidding to become the first Open champion to win the title without losing a game.  Claire started out… Read the Full Story >

* Going the Full 12 Rounds

* Going the Full 12 Rounds

On 12/12/12, I attempted to play 12 straight hours of tennis at Prince’s Court in support of my charitable initiative “12 Rounds”. A phrase like “well conditioned” is not usually associated with yours truly, so it was anyone’s guess as to what would happen with such a undertaking. I am pleased to report that I was able to complete all 12 Rounds and would like to thank my manager Ivan Ronaldson and my 18 opponents who made such a feat possible. The main event (the 12th Round) was billed “The Ol’ 1-2” where Phil “The Bandeau Bandit” Shannon and I (Ryan “The Heavy Lightweight” Carey) would duke it out playing one set right handed and one set left handed – winner take all. The good friend that he is, Mr. Shannon had gone 12 rounds at a party the night before, so we were in a similar state as the first bell rung. With my patented haymaker groundstrokes, I kept Phil off-balance with a 6/4 righty set victory and then sucker punched him with lefty combinations the likes of which have never been seen to take the lefty set 6/3. Given the circumstances, both sets had some amazing points which you can check out for yourself by going to the UStream archive of the day by clicking here. My ’12 Rounds initiative ends on January 12th, click here to donate. Have a drink with me or challenge me to a game/sport all for a good cause! To help raise funds, I am excited to announce the auction of a brand new Chicago racquet! Click here to go to the ebay listing or e-mail social@12rounds.org to… Read the Full Story >

* Cherry Blossom Results – UPDATED!

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing… 2012 Cherry Blossom Recap  By Ryan Carey The 2012 Cherry Blossom Doubles Tournament was held over Easter weekend at Prince’s Court. We welcomed out-of-town entrants from Boston, Philadelphia, Newport, New York, and Aiken and as far away as Hyde (UK).  There are 12 tones in the musical scale. As it was the ‘12 Cherry Blossom, we gave this year’s tournament a “music” theme. We transformed the court into having 12 tones that players could hit with the ball during play. For example, we placed a giant yard bell into the Door gallery to create the “Door Bell”. We put a smaller bell into the last gallery that players could ring with their racquet before they served with a sign that read “Ring Bell for Service”. Kris Motz’s carpentry skills were put on display as he not only handcrafted a large wooden xylophone, which was hung in the 2nd Gallery but also a grille that featured a large cymbal surrounded by four tambourines. Other on-court tones included: an electronic floor piano placed by the net, which played as the players walked on it whilst changing sides, a marching bass drum that read “The Blossom” in a faux “The Beatles” design and an American themed 1st Gallery featuring a photo of Michelle Obama wearing large American Flag bell earrings (aka The “First Gal”). It was certainly something to see (and hear!).  The opening ceremony, which was “conducted” on Thursday at 4:12PM, included an explanation of all of the tones that could be played on court. This was followed by a “symphony” of the tones as players… Read the Full Story >

* Hoang wins 2012 Noll Cup

The USCTA Level Championship for handicaps 30-39 (The Noll Cup) was held this past weekend at Prince’s Court. The field consisted of 13 entrants: 7 “locals” and 6 “exotics” representing New York, Newport, Philadelphia and Parts Unknown (Bender). While all of the matches were curiously won in straight sets, almost every match was close and played to a level well past their “on paper” handicaps. The Prince’s Court players seemed to enjoy a home court advantage as the four semifinalists were Washington players. The top 2 seeds, Vu Hoang and Sara Lacombe took a page from the earlier in the morning Australian Open marathon final between Djokovic and Nadal with superlative play causing the spectators to “ooo” and “ahh” regularly. The first set went to five games all and Hoang managed to close out the set with seemingly laser guided “wall huggers” to Lacombe’s backhand corner. The second set was just as contentious even if the score does not necessarily indicate it. A very well played match on both sides and the sportsmanship displayed matched the level of play. Hoang def. Lacombe 6/5 6/2. The plate Round Robin final was played earlier in the morning between New York’s Vincent Andrews, Washington’s John Saxe and the global Ambassador Peter Bender. Saxe employed a steady strategy all weekend of going down big early and then rallying back to win. The Sunday plate final held true to form as Bender had him down early by 4 or 5 games only to see Saxe rally late to win the plate title. Speaking of Ambassadors, our Ambassador, Temple Grassi made his triumphant return to Prince’s Court after having knee replacement… Read the Full Story >