* NL – NY vs. TUX/PHL

On the evening of Wednesday October 8th The New York Racquet and Tennis Club hosted the first National League match of the season against the combined team of Tuxedo and Philadelphia. With generous sponsorship from The USCTA, The Jesters and Harrow as well as fantastic support from the U.S. based clubs, the stakes are higher than ever.   The first match pitted Josh Dodgson against Barney Tanfield. Dodgson jumped out to an early 2/0 lead in the first set with a series well-crafted points. Tanfield regrouped and fought to take the next six tightly contested games. The second set was nip and tuck throughout but Dodgson fought hard and rewarded himself with several set points at 5/4. Tanfield managed to narrowly maneuver himself off the brink and won the set and match 6/5.   Next up saw Tim Chisholm against James Stout. The pair has had some extraordinary battles over the last few seasons. Chisholm came out playing his legendary hyper aggressive style, heavily cutting angles and smashing targets. He was successful in his execution and won the first set 6/2. The two exchanged games throughout most of the second set until Stout was able to gain the edge at 4/4 with some timely targets. He took the second set 6/4 and continued his momentum into the short third set, which he also won 6/0 (3/0).   The final match of the evening was an eight game set of doubles between Tanfield/ Stout versus Chisholm/ Dodgson. Chisholm and Dodgson got out to a sizeable 5/1 lead playing at a high pace whilst forcing racquet errors and loose balls from their opponents. Tanfield and Stout managed to… Read the Full Story >

* U.S Mixed & Jimmy Knott

The Winthrops are coming, the Winthops are coming! by Jeremy Wintersteen              Players from Aiken, New York, Newport, and Boston played in the dual tournament weekend in Boston for the U.S. Mixed Doubles and Jimmy Knott.              A small but solid field of five teams played in the Mixed.  The first and second rounds went as expected with Pat and Jen Winthrop (#1 seed) meeting Dillon Aldrich and Amanda Avedissian (#2) in the final.  The Newport siblings got off to a great start and took the first set.  Dillon and Amanda regrouped, started making many fewer errors, and took the second fairly easily.  The teams exchanged games for most of the third set with great rallies all around.  Amanda’s volleying, Dillon’s gets and steady play, Pat’s forces and good serving, and Jen’s steadiness made for some very exciting points.  When the Winthrops went up 40-0 at 5/4, the crowd assumed the match was over.  After six match balls, the score would soon be knotted up at 5-5.  Dillon made some great gets and beat a chase better than three with a dedans shot to stave off a match ball.  Pat served a very good last game and Jen and Pat got some unforced errors to get ahead in the eleventh game, which they closed out.  A thriller of a match and one of the closest Mixed Doubles finals ever!              The Jimmy Knott, a Boston singles tournament renamed after Jimmy Knott the year after he won it and passed away, started off with an exciting first round match between Dillon Aldrich and Garrett Gates.  Garrett took the first set fairly easily but Dillon focused and… Read the Full Story >

* Chicago Results

The Racquet Club was proud to host the 2nd Annual Chicago Invitational from October 1st -5th 2014 The tournament commenced on Wednesday night with Chicago members getting the tournament going with some great matches among the locals. The tournament officially kicked off on Thursday with matches played through Sunday afternoon; the level of play throughout the event was fantastic and of the highest caliber The Invitational featured tennis, rackets and doubles squash with 27 pairs in the tennis competing in a round-robin format across 4 divisions. The tournament featured representation from each club in the U.S and we were also pleased to have John Prenn make the trip from the UK The open division was won by Greg Van Schaack and Steve Virgona who proved too strong for the formidable pairings of Will Hopton/John Prenn and the new pairing of Jeremy Wintersteen and Matt Ronaldson Steve and Greg beat both pairings 6/4 in the 3rd to take the open title. The “A” Division final was a see-saw affair with Al Gordon and Geoff Ellis winning the title over Jack Brown and Christian Bullitt 8/5 Jack and Christian jumped out to a 5/2 lead before Al and Geoff dug in and made a great comeback to win 8/5 The “B” Division was won by Chicago’s Dick Ryan and the RC fellow Tom Billings over Billy Fetridge and Jay Leonard 8/5 Tom and Dick had earlier lost to the same pairing in the group stage fairly convincingly so it was a tremendous achievement to make the necessary adjustments and prevail. The “C” Division was won by the local pairing of Nick Eugenio and Parker Pearson over Stephen… Read the Full Story >

* Court Tennis Charleston News – Website Launched

Court Tennis Charleston is going beautifully. The fundraising campaign is now at $670,000 and increasing daily. The exciting news is about one hundred percent: 100% of the USCTA board and 100% of the Preservation Foundation board have pledged to CTC, and just this week we were thrilled and honored to learn that 100% of the professionals in the U.S. have pledged. For more about the incredible progress being made, see CTC’s new website, courtesy of Jon Crowell. Click here to go to view the new website and find out more.