9:30AM (Pro-Am) Jasani/Gooding def. Van Schaack/Lumley 8/2
10:15AM (Pro-Am) Ellis/Aley def. Bostwick/Dodgson 8/4
2PM – Adrian Kemp def. Chris Aley 6-2, 6-1
3:30PM – Mike Gooding def. Rakesh Jasani 6-1, 6-1
5PM – Geoff Ellis def. Ryan Carey 6-1, 6-4
6:30PM (Pro-Am) Handy/Smart def. Carey/Kemp 8-6
7:15PM (Pro-Am) Jasani/Gooding def. Rabun/Riviere 8-3

8:45AM (Pro-Am) Ellis/Aley vs. Van Schaack/Lumley
9:30AM (Pro Am) Rabun/Riviere vs. Bostwick/Dodgson
10:15AM – Riviere def. Kemp 6-0, 6-1
11:45AM – Dodgson def. Gooding 6-3, 0-6, 6-4
1:15PM – Lumley def. Smart 6-1, 6-4
2:45PM – Howell def. Ellis 6-2, 6-0
4PM (Pro-Am) Bostwick/Dodgson vs. Van Schaack/Lumley
4:45PM (Pro-Am) Handy/Smart vs. Ellis/Aley
5:30PM (Pro-Am) Carey/Kemp vs. Jasani/Gooding
6:15PM – Riviere def. Dodgson 6-0, 6-2
7:30PM – Lumley def. Howell 6-2, 6-3

8:45AM (Pro-Am) Carey/Kemp vs. Van Schaack/Lumley
9:30AM (Pro-Am) Rabun/Riviere vs. Handy/Smart
10:15AM – Pro-Am Final
11:00AM – U.S. National Open Final













The Aiken Tennis Club was delighted to host the U.S. National Open Dec 1-3. Top seeds were Camden Riviere, World number 1, Nick Howell, NTC World number 8 and John Lumley RCOP World number 10. Together with US-based professionals Mike Gooding NTC, Leon Smart T&RC, Adrian Kemp NYR&TC, Josh Dodgson Tuxedo, and amateurs Geoff Ellis and Rakesh Jasani from Aiken Tennis Club and Ryan Carey form Princes Court Washington. It was also a pleasure to host up and coming Chris Aley, the Princes Court hopeful who is ranked number 5 at 25 and under range.

The semifinals featured Camden Riviere winning over Josh Dodgson 6/0, 6/1 while John Lumley defeated Nick Howell 6/2, 6/4.

The U.S. National Open finals pitted Camden Riviere winning against John Lumley 6/1, 6/1, 6/1. The two players often train together and in a match, that was much closer than the score indicated exchanged many long rallies exhibiting incredible retrievals and strategic shot making.

The dedans and side galleries were filled most of the weekend with club members and guests whose support and enthusiasm was key in putting on the tournament. They were treated to a very high standard of play throughout the entire weekend. In addition to the tennis, the gallery was treated to cocktail parties and hearty hors d’ oeuvres thanks to Robert and Cheryl Glance during the Friday and Saturday night matches.

A Pro-Am event was held concurrently during the weekend with club members Geoff Ellis, Rakesh Jasani, Greg Van Schaack, Jason Rabun with Charles Bostwick, Jr, George Handy and Ryan Carey teaming with the pros for the title. The finals of the Pro-Am featured Rakesh Jasani and Mike Gooding narrowly defeating Geoff Ellis and Chris Aley 8-5.


Tournament organizers Camden Riviere, Geoff Ellis and Dacre Stoker and the social committee efforts of club president Michael Sullivan and Robert and Cheryl Glance were much appreciated. Special thanks to Ryan Carey for live streaming the matches. Thanks to the efforts of Dan Mayfield (again), all visiting participants were housed in the homes of club members.