2017 U.S. Junior Handicap Results
Prince’s Court

U13- Jakob Bregenhoj def. Avi Fruman 10-9
U15 – Lydia Danas def. Robert Chitic 10-4
U17 – Keawe Johnson def. Eddie Johnson 10-7
U19 – Dawson Chisholm def. Michael Haley 10-5

There were eighteen entries in this year’s event at Prince’s Court. Newport’s Jakob Bregenhoj took the U13 final in a nail biter, 10/9 against Avi Fruman despite losing 6/1 when they played in the round robin two days earlier.  In the U15s, the group tiebreakers came down to game difference and a Prince’s Court final in which Lydia Danas overcame her 6/1 loss the night before to Robert Chitic by dominating the service end for a 10/4 victory. Theo Yanuzzi and Caio Rodolfo from Tuxedo both won a round robin match each but it wasn’t enough to stop the two brothers, Eddie and Keawe Johnson storming through to the final. Eddie didn’t quite know how to handle Keawe’s never ending barrage of Caterpillars and the final went 10/7 to Keawe. Philadelphia’s rising star, Michael Haley put up a valiant effort in the U19s but the rapidly improving Dawson Chisholm had clearly been spending some time improving on his dad’s game. Not often do we see cut volley’s like that from handicap 50 players. Dawson won the U19 final 10/5. A special thank you to Temple and Ellie Grassi for their fantastic support of the event and the USCTA junior program. A wonderful time was had by all.

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