By Camden Riviere

The top Ladies in the US descended upon Newport for the Ladies Invitational, helping us to host a great weekend of tennis. With over ten players in attendance we were treated to some high level tennis, as well as a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, the first snowstorm of the season decided to put a damper on the weekend, forcing snow on to the court on Saturday, and forcing us to stop play for the day. As a precaution to the players, and to help alleviate travel home, it was decided to postpone the doubles semi-finals and finals, as well as the back draw final to a later date. The matchups for the doubles semi-finals are Avedissian/Napolitano vs Schwartz/Boynton and Grassi/MacMillan vs Minevitz/Mitchell. The Back draw Final is between A. Boynton and K. Minevitz, and will be played in Boston.

The singles semi-finals and final took place in Newport on the Sunday. First up was Petra Napolitano vs Beth Winthrop. The first set saw Petra in total control, barely making any errors she took the set 6/0. The second set was much closer, Beth started well and grabbed a 3-1 lead putting the pressure on Petra. The set stayed close eventually evening out a 5-all before Petra closed out the match 6-5.

The second semifinal pitted Amanda Avedissian against Amy MacMillan. Amy played some great tennis, but Amanda always seemed to have an answer. Amanda looked to be in control most of the match taking it 6-0 6-0. The Final then pitted the #1 and #2 seeds, Amanda and Petra, against each other. Petra started well and played some great tennis throughout, constantly keeping the pressure on Amanda. The games were close, but Amanda seemed to win the big points when needed, and went on to take the match and the title 6-3 6-0.

Thank you to Amy MacMillan, Skip Elliott, and Frank Oliveira for all of the help over the weekend. We will keep you updated on the results of the Doubles and Back draw! The tournament was sponsored by the USCTA/USCTPF Player Development Fund.

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