U.S. Junior Singles – A HUGE Success

By Jane Lippincott


The National Tennis Club hosted the 2015 U.S. Under 19, Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 Junior Singles. Despite a short downpour on Friday night, the weekend was a huge success.

Thirteen players participated representing Chicago, Boston, Tuxedo, Washington, New York, Newport and the UK. The junior weekend was the first event for Newport’s newly installed pros ­– Camden Riviere and Nick Howell. Both, former junior players, did a wonderful job of organizing a fun-filled competitive weekend of tennis and clinics.

The players began arriving on Friday and immediately got on court for some open court time, followed by a clinic and the first of the matches. Given that Saturday was going to be a long day, the players had some pizza and headed off to their respective billets for an early night.

Saturday got off to an early start with matches beginning at 8:00. Using a round robin format with twenty-minute matches, the kids were hopping on-and-off the court all day through to 6:00. Ping pong, a clinic and of course, lunch, kept everyone busy all day. Then it was off to Gooseberry Beach for a barbecue, swimming and a walk on the beach.

Sunday was another early start with the final matches being played to determine the quarters and semis of the age brackets. Before beginning the final round of matches, the pros held a dedan and grille contest, which was won by Erik Barker. Ben Dickinson won the traditional court tennis history quiz in a sudden death playoff over Pete Dickinson and Nick Milton.

The finals were played in the afternoon. The results were:

Under 19

Erik Barker def. Nick Milton 6-0,6-3

Under 17

Erik Barker def. Noah Motz 8-2

Under 15

Freddy Bristowe def. Michael Hill 6-1

Under 13

Ben Dickinson def. Dawson Chisholm 6-2


Thank you to Nick and Camden for running a great weekend and to Molly Dickinson for coordinating and organizing her first junior event. Thanks also to the National Tennis Club for hosting the weekend, Beth Winthrop for hosting the barbecue and to all of the hosts who housed the players and their families.

Just under a week into his job as Head Professional at the National Tennis Club, Camden Riviere was “impressed with the turnout and the age spread. It was very competitive within all the age finals. “ He was also impressed with the attitudes and sportsmanship of all the players. In Riviere’s opinion “there is a bright future for court tennis in the United States.” We couldn’t agree more!

Scroll down for photos, results and the court tennis quiz!

Photos by Molly Dickinson

US Junior Nationals
Schedule of Play
3:00pm Free Court for Juniors
4:00pm Free Court for Juniors
5:00pm CLINIC
6:00pm Fornengo vs Chisholm (U19) 5/0
6:20pm Drake vs Hill (U15) 2/3
6:40pm DINNER
7:00pm Free Court for Juniors
8:00am P. Dickinson vs Motz (U17) 4/5
8:20am Hill vs R. Chitic (U15) 6/0
8:40am Bristowe vs B. Dickinson (U19) 5/3
9:00am Hill vs Bristowe (U15) 4/3
9:20am Drake vs P. Dickinson (U19) 0/6
9:40am Behan vs Chisholm (U13) 0/6
10:00am Drake vs R. Chitic (U15) 6/1
10:20am P. Dickinson vs Fornengo (U17) 4/4
10:50am Milton vs Motz (U17) 2/4
11:20am Behan vs R. Chitic (U19) 3/4
11:40am P. Chitic vs Chisholm (U13) 1/6
12:00pm Fornengo vs B. Dickinson (U19) 6/1
12:20pm LUNCH
12:45pm CLINIC
2:00pm Barker vs Fornengo (U17) 6/0
2:20pm P. Chitic vs P. Dickinson (U19) 0/6
2:40pm B. Dickinson vs Behan (U13) 6/0
3:00pm Drake vs Bristowe (U15) 1/6
3:20pm R. Chitic vs Bristowe (U15) 0/6
Saturday Cont.
3:40pm Milton vs Barker (U17) 3/4
4:00pm Fornengo vs Motz (U17) 3/4
4:20pm B. Dickinson vs Chisholm (U13) 6/2
4:40pm P. Dickinson vs Barker (U17) 1/6
5:00pm Fornengo vs Bristowe (U19) 6/3
5:20pm P. Dickinson vs Milton (U17) 0/6
5:40pm Behan vs P. Chitic (U13) 6/0
8:00am Chisholm vs Bristowe (U19) 3/5
8:20am Behan vs Hill (U19) 0/6
8:40am Milton vs Fornengo (U17)  6/0
9:00am Barker vs Motz (U17)  6/0
9:20am R. Chitic vs Hill (U19)  6/0
9:40am B. Dickinson vs P. Chitic (U13)  6/0
10:00am Chisholm vs B. Dickinson (U19)  5/4
10:20am P. Chitic vs Drake (U19)  6/1
10:40am P. Dickinson vs M. Hill  (U19 Quarter-Final)  6/3
11:00am Motz vs Fornengo (U19 Quarter-Final)  6/0
11:20am Milton vs Freddy Bristowe (U19 Quarter-Final)  6/1
11:40am Barker vs Eli Drake (U19)  6/0
12:00pm Grille Competition
12:20pm Dedan Competition
12:40pm Under 19 Semi-Final 1 – Barker vs P. Dickinson  6/0
1:00pm Under 19 Semi-Final 2 – Motz vs Milton  4/6
1:30pm E. Barker vs N. Motz (U17 Final)  8/2
2:00pm B. Dickinson vs D. Chisholm (U13 Final)  6/2
2:45pm Michael Hill vs Freddy Bristowe (U15 Final)  1/6
3:30pm Barker vs Milton (U19 Final)  6/0 6/3

Court Tennis Quiz

Question 1)

What is the most recent court tennis court to be built?

  1. Chicago
  2. Paris
  3. Washington DC


Question 2)

Who won the first US Professional Singles Championship?

  1. Chris Ronaldson
  2. Wayne Davies
  3. John Stamos
  4. Tom Greevy


Question 3)

Who is the current World Champion?

  1. Steve Virgona
  2. Rob Fahey
  3. Wayne Davies


Question 4)

How many active courts are there in the United States?

  1. 10
  2. 9
  3. 6

Question 5)

Which of these names describes a high serve used in court tennis?

  1. Hippopotamus
  2. Giraffe
  3. Kangaroo

Question 6)

What is the proper spelling for the big net at the service end, which if hit instantly wins you the point?

  1. Deden
  2. Dedan
  3. Dedans

Question 7)

Which famous King invented many of the rules used today in court tennis?

  1. King Paul III
  2. King Henry VIII
  3. King Howell II

Question 8)

Which of these is not used to make court tennis balls?

  1. Cork
  2. Cloth
  3. Felt
  4. Rubber


Question 9)

Who won the 2015 US Professional Singles Championship here in Newport?

  1. Rob Fahey
  2. Tim Chisholm
  3. Camden Riviere


Question 10)

Who is your favorite court tennis professional?