The R.D. Sears Cup was held at the T&R last weekend. It is the first USCTA tournament of the 2015-2016 season! We hosted players from seven different clubs. Players traveled from far and wide. Besides a great draw in Court Tennis, there were tournaments in Racquets and Squash as well. Matches began on Thursday evening and continued through to Sunday. On Friday evening there was a BBQ held in the parking lot. Nelson and Alex had the grill going for hours. It was a beautiful evening weather-wise. Good to get outside after playing matches all day. Saturday brought another full day and evening of matches in all three sports. During the end of Court Tennis play there was a cocktail party held in the Hamlen Room. “Keytar Bear” provided entertainment. A legendary street performer who has been listened to and photographed with thousands of fans, both local and especially tourists. Sunday morning saw the last matches being played before the Finals in each division. Final Playoffs began at 2 PM and continued until after 6 PM. I would like to extend a special thanks to the Pros. Tony, Camden and Matt did an excellent job marking. Janice Pearson, Tom Dobbins and Tom Picken keep things running smoothly. Mario and Oscar kept the club looking great! All in all it was a fun filled weekend. Thanks to everyone who came from out of town. For those that could not come please keep us in mind for next year!

Congrats to our winners:

A tennis – Camden Riviere & Shawn Herlihy
B tennis – David Schenkein & Adam Inselbuch
C tennis – Daniel Herrick and Adam Haselkorn
D tennis – Chris Blier & Michael Gale
E tennis – Kathy Minevitz & Sewall Hodges

A racquets singles – Matt Breuer
B racquets singles – Adam Inselbuch
Racquets doubles – David Kohn & Gary Swantner

ABCD squash winners – Team 2 – Asa Welty, Craig Corrance, David James, Daniel Verhave

Sears1 Sears2(1) Sears1Sears3 Sears4 Sears5 Sears6 Sears7 Sears8

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