The Greevy Cup: Handicap 20-29…Racquet Club of Philadelphia

By John Lumley

Alex Spence def. Christian Bullitt 6-4,6-3

Back Draw: Vu Hoang def. Dick Tanfield 8-6

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia hosted this year’s Greevy Cup where we had 13 people enter the tournament. Alex Spence the #1 seed got through his first round match against Ryan Carey is three sets finding good form in the third to take it 6-2. John Madzin with the home court advantage took out Al Gordon in a good match 6-4 6-2 but then was stopped by John Patton 6-1 6-2. Patton and Spence had a good match but Spence proving he was the #1 was too strong taking it 6-0 6-2 to get into the final. In the other half of the draw Kenny Soffer beat Vu Hoang 6-3 6-5 then saw #3 Steve Hufford where they had a epic match going to 5 all in the third where Kenny took it 5-6 6-1 6-5. Anders Cohen beat Jeffrey Yager in his first round match in a three set thriller 4-6 6-5 6-1 to go on to play Christian Bullitt the #2 seed but Bullitt was too strong taking it 6-0 6-2 with some good rallies and hitting some targets. Soffer saw Bullitt in the semi final and Soffer went 5-1 up in the third but Bullitt wasn’t done yet. Sure enough it was 5 all with Soffer having 2 match points but Bullitt knuckled down and took the match 4-6 6-2 6-5 to get into the final. Great play from both players! Final was the #1 seed against the #2 seed. Spence started strong taking a 4-1 lead but Bullitt fought back to bring it to 4 all but Spence played two good games to take the first set 6-4. Great volleying and pace being played by both players and the second set continued to show some great tennis. Spence and Bullitt making some great gets with the grille being hit multiple times by both players. In the end Spence took a 5-2 lead before closing out the match 6-4 6-3 to win the 2015 Greevy Cup. Thanks to all who came and played in the event and supported it.


The Noll Cup: Handicaps 30-39…The National Tennis Club

By Ross Cann 

Tom Pickin def. Aitor Aldazabal 6-5,6-1

Backdraw: Brad Ursprung def. Ross Cann 6-4,3-6,6-4

The 2015 Noll Cup final came down to Aitor Aldazabal and Tom Pickin.  The last remaining players standing from an eight man draw, both players were very familiar with the court. Tom Pickin, from the Boston T&R, had grown up playing on the Newport court as part of the junior program. Aitor Aldazabal, a National Tennis Club player since retiring from the professional Jai Alai circuit, had also spent many hundreds of hours learning the intricacies of the Newport court, the site of the 2015 Noll Cup tournament chaired by Paul Harkinss of Boston and Newport.

Tom Pickin who had gotten to the final with victories over Dr. Richard Gilder and Mathew Breuer of Boston, jumped out to a 3-0 game lead in the first set. Aldazabal, who had beaten  Brad Ursprung of Providence and Jon Pardee of Newport to make the final, steadied and tightened in his big hitting to pull even at 3 all. From that point the two players traded games with no one leading by more than a single game and the score drew to five all. Throughout the play Pickin handled Aldazabal’s hard drives, which had won him points in earlier matches, with relative ease. From the hazard end Pickin also handled hard tambours shots in multiple succession to keep the points going. The deciding eleventh game was marked by great retrieving from both sides with each player intent on trying to close out the points only to have the point continue after a great get by their opponent. Aldazabal fought off the first set point with a back to side penthouse slider that Pickin could do no more than sacrifice to stay on the service end.  In the end Pickin won the set after about fifty minutes of hard fought play.

In the second set Pickin again jumped out to a 3-0 lead, but unlike the first set, he was controlling the service with a greater confidence and comfort and was laying down bobble serves that pinned Aldazabal to the back wall, leading to many netted returns. Having learned the lesson of the first set, Pickin bore down to keep Aldazabal off balance and hamstrung at the hazard side until, Aldazabal finally got a game to bring the game score to 5-1. Aldazabal’s hopes of a reversal were quickly dashed as Pickin soon got back to the service side and continued his press at the receiver and the set and match ended with a hard drive by Pickin to the grille to mark a definitive end to the Noll Cup national level tournament with the gong like sound reverberating through the court!

The Burke Cup: Handicaps 40-49…The Tuxedo Club

Josh Scherer def. Rich Mueller 6-5,6-1

Backdraw: Spencer Feldman def. Dan Nagler 6-1,6-5


The Wharton Cup: Handicaps 50-59….Prince’s Court

by David Berry

Daniel Sternberg def. Temple Grassi 2-6,6-1,6-2

Backdraw: Dave Berry def. Tim Friend 6-3,6-3

This weekend the Washington club hosted the Wharton Cup with players attending from as far away as Louisville. The tournament attracted 10 players from various clubs all within 5 handicap points of each other giving little clue as to who would win. Play was spirited throughout the weekend with many players staying on court in the evening for pickup doubles matches.

On Sunday afternoon the final was held and it was a true “old school” versus “new school” battle as Temple “The Ambassador” Grassi faced off against the newcomer Dan Sternberg. The match started off with the experience and expertise of Temple besting Dan’s energy and athleticism. After Temple’s first set 6/2 victory the tide shifted as Dan settled into a rhythm and his young legs took over. He went on to win the next 2 sets 6/1, 6/2 to win his first medal in the first tournament he ever entered. Well done Mr. Sternberg!

All of the players in the Wharton Cup this year put on a great show for the numerous spectators in attendance. Washington provided the perfect venue in which to enjoy all the action with it’s now famous glass wall allowing for great views of the matches and much socializing amongst the players and guests. The members of the Washington club are looking forward to hosting The Cherry Blossom tournament in April.

The Hickey Cup: Handicaps 60+…The Racquet Club of Chicago

Matt Reinbold def. Charlie Waddell 6-4,6-5

Backdraw: Art Horowitz def. Margaux Harrold 10-7

The Racquet Club of Chicago was proud to host this year’s Hickey Cup played from Jan 30th – February 1st 2015.

The draw comprised 13 local and out of town players and there were many keenly contested matches.

The quarterfinals onward were all very competitive- in particular the match between Pete Lanctot and Tim Merrill.

The match went down to the wire with Pete narrowly prevailing 6-5 in the 3rd set.

George Ughetta and John Beam also had a tremendous battle with George managing to win the vital final game.

The final score line was 5-6 6-3 6-5

The first semi-final saw two of Chicago’s rising stars square off in a wonderful display of tennis

Charlie Waddell and Pete Lanctot, both relatively new to the game, produced some amazing rallies interspersed with wonderful athleticism.

Charlie managed to hit his targets and played more consistently to run out the victor 6-2 6-5

The second semifinal saw Matt Reinbold, another of Chicago rising stars, face Boston’s George Ughetta

Matt had earlier received a stern test against Chicago’s Davis Anderson. Davis has shown steady improvement leading up to the event and played remarkably well in that Quarterfinal match.

Matt’s home court advantage was evident from the beginning against George; he made some great gets off the tambour and showed superior length on his cut strokes.

The final score was 6-1 6-5

The final between Matt and Charlie was a brilliant display of tennis and was played in tremendous spirit.

The match was played at a very high level with many long, physical rallies.

Charlie jumped out to a 4-2 lead before Matt got back on level terms at 4 games all.

Matt then controlled the service end for the remainder of the set to win it 6-4

The second set went game for game with no player able to assert any real authority on the match or to dictate play for any length of time.

A lengthy game ensued at 5 all in the second set; Charlie managed to save 4 match points but on the 5th Matt served an unreturnable sidewall to win the final and the Hickey Cup

The final score was 6-4 6-5

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