34th Annual Jimmy Dunn Tournament Weekend

This year’s Jimmy Dunn hit record numbers with 25 draws and over 218 matches played starting Thursday at noon and ending Sunday at 6pm. There was record numbers in the squash draws and the tennis as always was sold out 3 weeks in advance with 78 players. The level of tennis this weekend was some of the best quality we have seen for a number of years. The racquets draws saw massive numbers as we added age group categories this year. As well as the Jock Soutar we also had the Tom Price, Murray Sales and Dennis Walsh Cup.

The club was bursting at the seams on the courts, in the bar and in the steam rooms to recover for their next matches. Everyone was in multiple events and found themselves going from one match to another. All matches were very tightly contested in all sports and were played in very fair spirits despite what was on the line.


The finals results are as shown:


Main Draw

Open – Barney Tanfield/ Lex Miron beat Gabe Kinzler/ Ben Cook 3/6, 6/2, 6/4

A Division – Jon Crowell/ Christian Bullitt beat Kenny Soffer/ Norris Jordan 6/3, 6/3

B Division – Matt Fraidin/ Vu Hoang beat John Saxe/ Greg Van Schaak 6/5, 6/4

C Division – Dick Tanfield/ Lincoln Frank beat Bruce Katz/ Schuyler Wickes 10/6

D Division – Noah Motz/Chase Motz beat Sewell Hodges/ Frank Baltzall 10/1

E Division – John Broussard/ Liz Browning beat Michael Gale/ Matt Loftus 8/6


A Division – Kris Motz/ John Motz beat Tom Seymour Mead/ Chopper Harris 8/6

B Division – Geoff Ellis/ Al Gordon beat Brad Ursprung/ Bill Connors 8/5

C Division – George Connell/ Mike Gorsen beat Baird Standish/ Scott Paskerian 8/4

D Division – Kathy Carson/ Temple Grassi beat Loren Kagan/ Evan Turner 8/5

E Division – TBD



A Divison – Matt Domenick beat Ryan Rayfield 3/0

B Division – Roly Morris beat Emery Greenwood 3/1

C Division – Don Hamrahi beat Gray Gifford 3/2

D Division – Lizzie Pingpank beat Elizabeth Smart 3/1


Open Division – John White/ Tom Harrity beat Shane Coleman/ Geoff Kennedy 3/1

B Division – Andy Kronfeld/ Kenny Pollack beat Will Morris/ Roly Morris 3/2

C Division – Brad Urpsrung/ Bill Connors beat John Auerbach/ Rick Bonnette 3/1


Jock Soutar Singles – Jon Crowell beat Peter Cipriano 2/1

Jock Soutar Doubles – Jon Crowell/ Gary Swantner beat Chopper Harris/ Tom Seymour Mead 2/0

Tom Price Singles – Manny Tancer beat Dick Tanfield 2/0

Tom Price Doubles – Manny Tancer/ David Lockhart beat Greg Van Schaak/ Alan McHugh 2/1

Murray Sales Singles – Ralph Difiore beat John Madzin 2/0

Murray Sales Doubles – Ralph Difiore/ John Madzin beat Jeremy Wintersteen/ Shuyler Wickes 2/0

Walsh Cup Singles – Van Schaak beat Dick Tanfield 2/1

Walsh Cup Doubles – Van Schaak/ Colt Landreth beat Dick Tanfield/ Brendan Hegarty 2/0

It was a great weekend and we hope everyone participates again next year.