At the Sept 13, 2013 board meeting of the USCTPF, the following officers were elected to one year terms.


Board Chairman – William F. McLaughlin, Jr.

Vice Chair – Jim Zug

President –  P.J. Yeatman

Treasurer – Jane C. Lippincott

Secretary – Charles C. de Casteja


As permitted by the by laws, the following were appointed to the Executive Committee


Charles C. de Casteja , Jane C. Lippincott, William F. McLaughlin, Jonathan H. Pardee, PJ Yeatman and 

Jim Zug 


Additionally, Charles de Casteja was appointed head of the Nominating Committee.


The Foundation wishes to thank Haven Pell for his years of extraordinary service and dedication to the game of court tennis. We were fortunate to have the benefit of his energy and foresight at the helm of the Foundation for as long we did. A special dinner will be held in 2014 honoring Haven and his accomplishments.