The Under 18 had a  four player round robin format. Erik Barker from Washington hit a very clean ball all weekend and didn’t drop a match in the singles. Evan McDonnell ( Phila) & Erik Barker took the Doubles with a win over newcomers to the game Frank McDermott ( Phila) & Drew Callahan ( Phila) .

The under 21 division had seven players in the draw, which was also a round robin format. Erik Barker held his own in the round robin with tough battles with Paul Monaghan and a great win over Sam Gerson 10/9. Laurenson Ward and Sam Gerson had a very exciting semi-final with Sam nudging it out 10/9. Paul Monaghan played his best tennis in the finals with a 6/2, 6/2 win over Sam Gerson.

The Under 21 doubles went to the power hitting Ben Boddington and Erik Barker over Paul Monaghan and Sam Gerson 6/1 , 6/3.

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