Chicago vs. New York at Philadelphia

On Monday 30th Chicago took on New York in a National League match at Philadelphia. John Lumley playing #1for Chicago took on James Stout world #1 at Racquets. With James getting some unbelievable shots back and being solid from everywhere on the court took the first set 6/3. John tried to mix up the pace but it didn’t make much difference and being down the receiving end a lot of the time lost the second set as well 6/2.

New York take the first string rubber 6/3 6/2. Will Hopton then took on Barney Tanfield in the second string match. Barney was reading the ball well having worked at Philadelphia before and took the lead 6/3 in the first set. Will world Racquets #3 went down early in the second set to find himself 5/2 down. With a few great shots and long rallies bought it back to 5/4 but with Barney’s power and placement took the second set 6/4 to give New York the second string singles 6/3 6/4.

Chicago, now 2 rubbers down could not win the match but went out in the doubles giving it there all. James and Barney were just too strong with Barney hitting some great main wall forces. New York went on to win the doubles 8/2 and take a convincing 3/0 win over the Chicago team. It was a great evening of tennis and with great support from The Racquet Club of Philadelphia.