Prince’s Court hosted this year’s 60+ level tournament. The action began Friday night as players squared off to move onto the semi-final rounds. Top seeded entrants included Chase Motz and Chris Hughey who played strongly in their opening round matches to move on in straight sets.

Saturday’s semi-final matches saw two very close matches that both went to three sets. Matt Longley started out strong, but couldn’t hold on in his match against Chris Hughey, with Hughey winning at 3/6 6/5 6/5. Chase Motz faced Larry Brown in his Saturday semi-final and found himself down a set, but was able to rally for a 4/6 6/2 6/2 victory. 

Sunday’s final was an extremely exciting match between Prince’s Court President, Chris Hughey and the promising youth, Chase Motz. Onlookers in the dedans were plentiful in anticipation of the emergence of this year’s Hickey Cup Champion.

The match was extremely close in the first set, with deuce ball in nearly every game. Both Motz and Hughey played at a standard worthy of a much lower handicap, with rallies lasting ten or more shots.

Hughey pulled out victorious with a 6/5 6/2 victory. Both Hughey and Motz will be tough contenders in next year’s 50+ tournament, as we expect both players handicaps to drop precipitously over the next year.