On 12/12/12, I attempted to play 12 straight hours of tennis at Prince’s Court in support of my charitable initiative “12 Rounds”. A phrase like “well conditioned” is not usually associated with yours truly, so it was anyone’s guess as to what would happen with such a undertaking. I am pleased to report that I was able to complete all 12 Rounds and would like to thank my manager Ivan Ronaldson and my 18 opponents who made such a feat possible. The main event (the 12th Round) was billed “The Ol’ 1-2” where Phil “The Bandeau Bandit” Shannon and I (Ryan “The Heavy Lightweight” Carey) would duke it out playing one set right handed and one set left handed – winner take all. The good friend that he is, Mr. Shannon had gone 12 rounds at a party the night before, so we were in a similar state as the first bell rung. With my patented haymaker groundstrokes, I kept Phil off-balance with a 6/4 righty set victory and then sucker punched him with lefty combinations the likes of which have never been seen to take the lefty set 6/3. Given the circumstances, both sets had some amazing points which you can check out for yourself by going to the UStream archive of the day by clicking here.

My ’12 Rounds initiative ends on January 12th, click here to donate. Have a drink with me or challenge me to a game/sport all for a good cause!

To help raise funds, I am excited to announce the auction of a brand new Chicago racquet! Click here to go to the ebay listing or e-mail social@12rounds.org to submit a bid (bidding ends on Jan. 11th).

The Day’s results:

Round 1 – 9AM Mostrous wins 3/6 6/1 6/4
Round 2 – 10AM Charlie Katz wins 6/1 6/2
Round 3 – 11AM Vu Hoang wins 6/4 3/2
Round 4 – Noon Match Vu Hoang/Rich Richard Moroscak def. Kris Motz/Ryan Carey 6/2 4/6 1/0
Round 5 – 1PM Match Carey wins 6/5 3/2 against John Patton III
Round 6 – 2PM Match John Motz wins 6/1 6/4
Round 7 – 3PM Match Carey/Grassi def. Patton/Camacho 6/3 1/3
Round 8 – 4PM Match Carey/Grassi def. Fraidin/McCray 1/6 6/3 2/1
Round 9 – 5PM Match Matt Fraidin def. Carey 6/1 3/6
Round 10 – 6PM Match (2 Hours) Carey wins in “Round Robin” against Genie Gordon/T. Motz/Donovan
Round 11 – 8PM Match Pat Pj Homer/Carey def. Vernon Anthony Andrew Cassin III/Rob Carlson 6/1 3/5
Round 12 – The Main Event – Carey wins against Phil “The Bandeau Bandit” Shannon 6/4 Right Handed Set and 6/3 Left Handed Set (The Ol’ 1-2)