What a great weekend of tennis! Both draws were filled in Philly for the Anne Boleyn and U.S. Mixed doubles.

The Anne Boleyn was competitive from start to finish. Ruth Kelley from Philadelphia who has been logging in many hours in on the tennis court proved to be the right formula to win against hard hitting Francine Royan. Ruth over took Francine with her classical back wall play 10 games to 5. The Anne Boleyn consolation saw Tracy Aberman out of Newport to battle Philadelphia`s own Alex Escher with Escher winning 10 games 7.

The U.S. mixed had one of the biggest draws in Philadelphia`s history with hosting 11 teams this past weekend. With such a big draw it made the consolation draw very competitive! For the Consolation Final we had Philly`s own Peter Vogt and Kathy Carson trailing 3 games to 9  fighting off 2 match points to overcome R. Carey and A. Macmillan.

In the main draw the top two seeds made it to the final. Solid play was played in the final from both teams but Pat Winthrop and Sarah Lacombe won over Greg Van Schaack and Amanda Avedissian.

 We would like to thank all who traveled to Philadelphia to play in the Anne Boleyn and the U.S Mixed Doubles .

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