How many players??? Wow, we were heading into a record breaking weekend and

Tuxedo was ready to welcome the many players, friends and guests to the Park, we

came into the Gold Racquets weekend with great anticipation. Our pro Tim Chisholm

was getting a huge response for racquets and court tennis players, in turn we had the

phones ringing off the hook for party attendance, we knew we were heading for a big

weekend! As we have many new members who were going to experience their first GR,

we had to show all attendees a wonderful time, all weekend long!

Friday was busy, the Tennis House was buzzing by mid morning and we had lunch

ready for those who were playing early, the host houses were ready for their guests and

as was the case all weekend, it was non stop play all day, into each evening and early

into each morning! That night those who weren’t palying made their way up to the

Savarese House for a buffet dinner. The walls of the “gym” ran a black and white loop

of party and play photos of past Gold Racquets, the pool table saw lots of action, the

wine flowed as we had crab cakes and sirloin of beef. The modern space, a lofty

carriage house conversion, was a great place to entertain 100 players, members and


There was breakfast for those who had to get down to Tennis early, and before too long

the place was humming with activity, coffee, bloodies and beer flowed from 11 a.m. On.

As the weather got colder, chef’s soup, gourmet grilled cheese and those home made

potato chips were all appreciated! Many hands were in prep-mode for the dinner dance,

the main club was in high gear, as we had 240 reservations for dinner. The band,

Elements was rehearsing, the kitchen was humming along, the gals who had been

planning for weeks, put the finishing touches on the ballroom, the black and white

theme was fresh and “sexy!” White amaryllis, calla lillies and roses were center stage,

all in glass containers, on the black covered tables and chairs, the effect was modern

and fresh.

As the guests arrived, the piano played, the champage flowed, we were ready to have

fun and cut loose! The crowd enjoyed the music, blackened fillet, the wine, danced, ate

some more, danced again. The dessert buffet, again keeping in theme was all black and

white, Tennis Ball “lollypops” and Tuxedo Strawberries were served as we awaited the

After Party. The “Phantom” music played, as masked servers beckoned the party

goers, a techno version of the erie theme took over, the room went from black and

white to a lazer show with neon colors, fog lifted from the floor, the effect was dramatic,

beams of light cut across the room. The DJ had the crowd on the white dance floor for

the next 4 hours, TVs showed photos of the lively throng, the courtyard had welcoming

fires, shots of apple-tinis kept us warm! We were further fueled by truffle fries and

cheesy ham croissants. A first time ever sing along by the piano in the front hall was the

perfect “goodnight” for many as we went back into the dark night and home!

Sunday dawned clear, icy winds raced across Tuxedo lake, running from car to the fire

in the Tennis made the unbearable trip worthwhile, there was no rest for the weary

markers and players. “Oh no, you’re starting at 7 a.m! Yikes!” It was evident that the

previous evening was a huge success! Many gathered for party reviews, a bloody and

some wonderful matches. As play continued, the winds howled and finally pushed over

a tree that knocked out power to some of the Park……uh, oh…thankfully generators

kicked in and the players didn’t skip a beat, but did the Rodolfos, our supper venue,

have power? No….. The mayor, Orange and Rockland and some fleet of foot crews got

to the offending tree, restored the power, while many sighed in relief! The temperatures

dropped to 13 gusty, bone chilling degrees, we were welcomed by warming vodka shots

at the front door at Claudia and Alvin’s, in shot glasses made of ice! Hundreds of

candles flickered, providing a cozy, relaxed spot for shepherd’s and chicken pot pies,

wine, ping pong and a relaxed evening for all. Meanwhile, back at Tennis, the play went

on and on and……

President’s Day was bright and we were looking forward to a wonderful CT final and the

finalists didn’t dissappoint! We were warmed by chili and bloodies as Pat Winthrop did

battle with Bradley Allen, it was a wonderful tournament, our congratulations to Brad for

a well deserved victory! It was a fabulous weekend, we enjoyed having so many fun

players and guests, once again we shook off the winter blues and kicked up our heels

and showed the crowd a really good time!