The 1812 was a huge success. For those who don’t know, the 1812 is a 50+ years of age handicap doubles, US vs UK that was played for the fourth time in 6 years. The Americans took the fight to British soil and beat the bloody British at Lords in handicap doubles 13 matches to 7. We now lead the series 3 to 1.  Next battle will be in Chicago in 2015!!  The surrender included the traditional singing by the American soldiers of Johnny Horton’s great (and only) hit, The Battle of New Orleans – "we fired our guns and the British keep a’comin; there wasn’t aye as many as there was a while ago; we fired once more and they began a’runnin on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico"………..

The following Awards were given at a formal surrender ceremony (aka closing dinner) at MCC on Tuesday, Sept. 17:

Valor in Battle Award (for best play over two days) – Ally Bulley (Chicago) and Vern Cassin (ex-pat, Radley)

Coolness under Battle Pressure Award – Max Drake (Chicago) for scoring winning match grille shot and closing out Brits at critical 11th match victory.
Battle Field Promotions – Al Gordon (Chicago), Lincoln Frank (New York) for most improved marksmanship 

Reinforcement Award – for filling in for last minute drop outs – Harry Saint (ex-pat, Queens Club)

Friendly Fire Award – Peter Vogt (Philadelphia) for wounding fellow soldier Howard McMorris to the tune of 6 stitches above the eye

Wounded Warrior Award – naturally to Howard McMorris who played incredibly well in spite of stitches and a major black eye. 

To Be Shot at Dawn Award (for worst play over two days) – British Captain, Willie Wilks and American Captain, Greg Van Schaack

In addition the team won pre-battle scrumishs at Queens Club and Hardwick House where we were entertained with lunches, dinner in the Queens Club Presidents room, and generally great hospitality all around.