Hickey Cup – Handicaps 60+

Alex Forbes defeated Beth Winthrop 6/1,6/3 in the final of the Hickey Cup. Forbes, playing an error-free game, was able to keep the pressure on Winthrop throughout the match. Winthrop fought hard with great dedans defense and tight bobble serves. Forbes, however, had the advantage of strength and overpowering pressure with his shot selection.

In the back draw, Adrian Camacho defeated fellow Washingtonian Haken Lonaeus 10/1. Camacho defended chases well and made it hard for Lonaeus to get to the serving end. Camacho has only been playing tennis for a month and is improving with every shot. A lacrosse and football player, his main strength is his retrieving skills, While Lonaeus served tightly; fitness and speed were the winning combination for the day.

Wharton Cup – Handicaps 50-59

Athol Cochrane defeated Etienne de la Valette in the final of the Wharton Cup – 6/1,6/4

Etienne had taken out #1 seed, John Murphy, the night before and expectations for a close final were running high. Athol came out strong and despite every game going to deuce, won the first set 6/1. The second set saw many long backhand-to-backhand rallies. Unfortunately, for Etienne, though, Athol’s retrieving under the grille made all the difference and he took the second set and the match.

Dick Poholek defeated David Carrington in the back draw, 9/5. Two different styles – Poholek’s hard forces and Carrington’s quickness and precision – made for an interesting match. Dick’s railroad was on, though, and he subsequently won all of his games from the serving end.