The 2012 US Professional Singles playing for the Schochet Cup is now in the record books. After nine days of exciting matches, Camden Riviere took top honors, defeating Bryn Sayers in a four set final – 6/1, 5/6, 6/2, 6/3.

Riviere got off to a fast start in the first set, dominating the service end and generally not allowing Sayers to find his game. Serving tight railroads, Riviere controlled the set from the service end. Taking control of the set and advantage of Sayers’ loose balls, Riviere took the first set 6/1.

Sayers found his groove in the second set. Using a variety of serves, he settled on the railroad as the best offense. He kept the set close, denying Riviere a 3/1 lead. At 5-all, Sayers served better and played more consistently, avoiding the penthouse as he had not done in the first set. Second set to Sayers, 6/5.

In the third set, Riviere played more aggressively, putting all the pressure on Sayers. Riviere won the set 6/2.

In the final set, Riviere used his tight railroad serve and strong retrieving skills to his advantage. Sayers tried to make a comeback, but Riviere kept the pressure on. Serving tight and playing consistent percentage tennis for the final half of the set, Riviere took the set and the match, claiming his third consecutive US Pro Singles/ Schochet Cup title.

The real story of the final, however, is the comeback story. Riviere is coming off a nine-month layoff from tennis due to wrist tendonitis and a shoulder injury. For a time, it was thought that he might not ever return to tennis. He has, and in a big way, knocking off the #2 ranked worldwide player – Steve Virgona in the semis and the #3 ranked player – Bryn Sayers in the final. Despite the layoff, Riviere has clearly not lost any of his competitive fire nor lively on-court presence! Welcome back Camden!

In the Satellite Draw, Gabe Kinzler defeated Josh Bainton in straight sets, 6/3, 6/1. Josh Dodgson and Dick Poholek won the Pro-Am over CJ White and Kip Curren, 10/6.

Overall, it was a great week of tennis. As always, thanks to all the sponsors, the National Tennis Club and Rich Smith, the tournament organizer, for putting on a fantastic week. Finally, no report would be complete without acknowledging the primary sponsor – Jay Schochet – for his continuing support of the US Pro Singles. Jay was on hand for the trophy presentation on Sunday, as the Schochet Cup trophy was presented to Camden Riviere for the third consecutive year.

Complete Draws

Semifinal Results & Match Notes

Camden Riviere def. Steve Virgona 5/6,6/2,6/3,6/4

Marker: John Lumley

Riviere had some outrageous gets. In the second & third sets, Riviere was very consistent. Virgona, on the other hand, made a few unforced errors off the return, setting up the point for Riviere.

Riviere consistently hit targets well in the middle sets. He moved well, getting to many balls on the service end, denying Virgona the opportunity to make any short chases.

Virgona looked a bit flat throughout the early sets and did not look like he really wanted the match until the fourth set. Unfortunately, for Virgona, Riviere was on a roll and took the final set.

Riviere, coming off a nine-month layoff, looks like he is back in the game! To give Virgona credit – he played well, but not his best, then again he is probably a bit tired after the rigors of competing in the Eliminator and World Championship this past spring.

Bryn Sayers def. Tim Chisholm 6/4,6/4,6/1

Marker: Will Burns

The first set was tight, with Chisholm taking an early lead. A few unforced errors, though, allowed Sayers back into the match to take the first set.

In the second set, Sayers gave up a 40/love lead to allow Chisholm to tie the set at four games all. Sayers stepped up the pace. He stopped serving off the back wall, using a high drop serve, taking away Tim’s chance to tee off on the return. Good anticipation on Sayers part, allowed him to step in and cut off the Chisholm’s signature main wall force.

Sayers forced Chisholm to move more by playing a chipping floor game and keeping the ball away from Chisholm’s volley/force. In the first two sets, Sayers played the 9th game well – to his advantage.

In the final set, Sayers was awesome and was in complete control.

The Final will be on Sunday at 12.

On Saturday there will be a 3/4 playoff between Virgona and Chisholm. The match begins at 5.

In the satellite draw, Gabe Kinzler defeated Josh Bainton 6/3,6/1

Complete Draws


Quarterfinals – Match Notes

Steve Virgona def. Will Burns  6/0,6/0/6/1

Marker – Rich Smith

Virgona played in World Championship form – playing an error-free match

Camden Riviere def. Rich Smith 6/5,6/4,6/0

Marker – Will Burns

Smith played well….forced well. Riviere was steadier, though, and served better. In the long rallies, Smith did a good job of retrieving and digging out balls, but Riviere would find an opening to end the point. Riviere is easing back into the game after a nine-month layoff.

Bryn Sayers def. John Lumley 6/2,6/2,6/1

Marker – Josh Dodgson

Sayers and Lumley are similar style players. Both use a double-handed backhand. Neither player had amazing pace, preferring to chip the ball around the court. Lumley started out strong, but Sayers quickly took control of the match. There were only 2 deuces in the entire match.

Tim Chisholm def. Ben Matthews 6/2,6/3,6/2

Marker – John Lumley

Chisholm got off to a slow start playing a chipping game. He found his groove, though, and started hitting with pace. Matthews served a railroad that was too long, while Chisholm used his power and cut volley to his advantage. Matthews made a small run in the first and second sets but couldn’t hang on enough to in the sets.


Wednesday – Satellite Draw


Gabe Kinzler def. Tony Hollins 6/5,2/6,6/4

Josh Bainton def. Josh Dodgson 5/6,6/4,6/1

Final – Friday at 11:30

Main Draw Matches continue on Thursday.

12:30 Camden Riviere vs. Rich Smith

 2:00  Steve Virgona vs. Will Burns

 3:30  Bryn Sayers vs. John Lumley

 5:00  Tim Chisholm vs. Ben Matthews

Main Draw & Satellite Draws