Adding to his French Open Singles and Doubles titles in September, Camden Riviere captured the 2012 European Open Singles title and the IRTPA Championships in October.

The European Open was played at MCC on October 13-17. Riviere defeated Bryn Sayers in the final – 6/1,6/1,6/2.

The IRTPA Championships were played in Manchester on October 17-23. Riviere defeated Sayers in a re-match 6/3,6/2,6/0.

The next stop for Riviere will be the British Open on November 11-20. Riviere, seeded #3 will also play in the doubles with Ben Ronaldson. They are seeded at #2.

Steve Virgona will also play in the British Open. He is the #2 seed. Virgona will team up with Rob Fahey to play in the doubles. They are the #1 seeds.