Let’s proceed with this story on the assumption that the average court tennis player probably doesn’t speak much Basque.  If so, most will stumble over  at least the middle one of these three names: JOSEBA ETXEBESTE OTEGI.

But what if you are given the hint that the “X” sounds like “CH”?  It becomes the Spanish Basque version of Etchebaster. 

JOSEBA ETXEBESTE OTEGI teaches Basque sports, games and culture at the University of the Basque Country in Vitoria, Spain. His fascination with all manner of traditional Basque games both for adults and children led him to Prince’s court, where he saw and played our version of Pelota for the first time.

Educator that he is, he had done his research and he first wanted to know all about the chases.  He made considerable strides up the learning curve though he did not appear to favor the heavy cut and delicate length of his namesake.

Vitoria is about 160 miles from Pau and he has promised to go there for a visit.