For the fourth year, a hearty group of court tennis players visited Georgian Court University to see and play the former private court built for Jay Gould, one of the 20th century’s most successful amateurs.  Each year I go back, I marvel at the building that houses the court.  Though court tennis must have been at the heart of designing the “Casino,” it seems like just one of a dozen or so things to do to divert oneself.  Other fun could have been had at polo, bowling, hard racquets, squash, swimming, etc.  It’s too bad that the racquets court has been transformed into a student center of sorts.   

The event must be maturing because we had only about half the players we did last year.  Not to worry—more tennis for the rest of us!  From the T&R we had Arthur Drane, Brad Ursprung, Evan Turner, and Ken Forton.  Jules Zacher, Gary Barnes, and Schuyler Wickes joined us from Philadelphia.  Adrian Camacho and Michael Thiry of Prince’s Court were new this year.  And, Marc Lewinstein represented Newport again this year.  We were also joined again by Geoff Fitzgerald, one of Pierre Etchebaster’s teenaged assistants back in the 70s.

Our day started at about 9:30 with some vigorous doubles.  The balls were in very nice shape after re-covering by the Philly pros.  As in past years, we played informally, all doubles, for one standard set; then the next foursome would play.  Having so few players meant that each of us played about 6 sets throughout the day!  We were all pretty exhausted by the time 5:30 rolled around.

 Again, a pizza lunch kept us fueled up for the tennis marathon. We skipped the dinner this year, but I’m always happy to reschedule it next year.

This year’s fee of $35 covered court fees, lunch and another nice donation.  I believe we raised about $185 after expenses for the court. 

As a reminder, Lakewood is an easy day trip from New York and Philadelphia.  Washington is a bit longer, but we have several every year who do it.  Come out to New Jersey and play the royal game