The 2012 World Championship (WC) will be held at Queen’s Club in London on April 24-28, 2012.  For information on tickets, click here.

As of December 8, there were four players vying for the opportunity to challenge World Champion Rob Fahey, for the title. Those players in order of ranking points were:

1.       Steve Virgona

2.       Camden Riviere

3.       Bryn Sayers

4.       Ben Matthews

The format calls for 1 to play 4 and 2 to play 3 in a series of 3, 5 set matches. The winners move on to the Final Eliminator – which is the best of 13 sets. The winner earns the right to challenge Fahey for the WC in April.

Unfortunately, Camden Riviere has had to drop out of the race due to an injury. Based on the WC Rules, The highest-ranking challenger, Steve Virgona, will move through to the Final Eliminator and play the winner of Sayers and Matthews.

Seacourt edged out Philadelphia in a bid to host the Final Eliminator. Dates of that competition will be announce shortly.

For information on the 2012 World Championship – tickets, events and activities, click here.