The US Professional Singles playing for the Schochet Cup will be played in Newport beginning on Sunday, May 29. The Final will be played on Sunday, June 5th. Draws are attached

Day 7 – Finals (June 5, 2011)

Camden Riviere wins 2011 US Pro Singles playing for the Schochet Cup  6/2,6/1,6/3.

Day 6 – Semifinals (June 3, 2011)

Rob Fahey def Bryn Sayers 6/1,6/2,6/0

Camden Riviere def Steve Virgona 4/6,6/4,6/2,6/4

Satellite Final: Chris Chapman def Rich Smith 6/3,6/2

Match Comments:

US Pro Singles – Semifinals – June 3, 2011

Rob Fahey def. Bryn Sayers 6/1, 6/2, 6/0     Marker – Rich Smith

Decisive win by Fahey. Sayers was off his game and was not helped by the fact that Fahey was on his game.

Fahey did not use a forcing game, but rather used the floor and chipped the balls into the corners. Even when Fahey was under pressure, he found a way to make a chase and get to the service end.

In the second set, Sayers was ahead in 5 of the games by 40/love or 40/15 with good chases, but Fahey found a way to beat the chases and win the games.

Camden Riviere def. Steve Virgona 4/6, 6/4, 6/2, 6/4     Marker – James Stout

Virgona came out of the box looking confident and focused. He was strong in the first set, while Riviere struggled with his game plan. Virgona won the first set 6/4.

In the second set, Virgona played a safer, more reserved game, which allowed Riviere to get back in the match. Riviere started executing a better game plan, hitting better length with cut shots and hitting galleries to get to the service end. Riviere won the second set 6/4.

Having won the second set, Riviere’s confidence grew and he continued to execute better shots. The body language started to change as Virgona began to lose, allowing Riviere to run away with the third set 6/2.

Riviere was on a roll in the fourth set. Virgona, down 2/4 started to make a comeback because Riviere began playing a “not to lose” game, rather than continuing with his attacking game. Virgona pulled even with Riviere at four-all. Riviere, however, went back to his attack game, winning the next two games, the set, and the match.

Day 5 – Quarterfinals (June 2, 2011)

Steve Virgona def Chris Chapman:           6/2, 6/1, 6/1

Bryn Sayers def Ben Matthews:                5/6, 6/2, 6/3, 6/3

Camden Riviere def James Stout:             6/3, 4/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/2

Rob Fahey def Tim Chisholm:                     6/2,  6/5, 5/6, 6/1

Match reports follow…

US Pro Singles – Quarterfinals, June 2, 2011

Another exciting day of tennis in Newport at the US Pro Singles playing for the Schochet Cup. Some quick comments….

Steve Virgona def. Chris Chapman 6/2, 6/1, 6/1     Marker – John Lumley

Perhaps the most decisive match of the day, as Virgona dominated from the start.

Bryn Sayers def. Ben Matthews 5/6, 6/2, 6/3, 6/3     Marker – Chris Chapman

Matthews had a good first set. However, Sayers started serving and returning better after the first set. Sayers made less unforced errors. Despite the scores of the last three sets, there were many tight games, which could have gone either way. Sayer’s determination and experience made the difference in the end.

Camden Riviere def. James Stout 6/3, 4/6, 4/6, 6/2, 6/2     Marker – Will Burns

“Amazing match…good battle…a lot of intensity”, said Will Burns.

Stout, was up two sets to one, suffered a minor strain in the third set which may have haunted him in the last two sets. Bottom line, though, Riviere picked up his game. His hitting became more accurate and he hit more targets. This match was reminiscent of the old come from behind, five set victories that Riviere became known for several years ago!

Rob Fahey def. Tim Chisholm 6/3, 6/5, 5/6, 6/1     Marker – James Stout

“Pretty unusual to see Fahey chipping the ball around the court and not forcing. Rob was more accurate, “said James Stout.

This match was definitely a blast from the past – the old Fahey vs. Chisholm matches that dominated much of the last decade’s tennis. Chisholm, who took a several year break from the game, showed in the second and third sets, that he is back to 90% of his best. “He’s pretty fit” said Josh Bainton, “and he should be in the World Championship Race. He’s not match tough, because he hasn’t played many matches will be.” With the 2012 World Championship less than 12 months away, this fall will be huge for the race to determine the challenger. Three tournaments – the British, French and IRTPA championships – will be key to determining who will face Fahey next May at Queen’s.

Fahey showed amazing ball control. Using the floor, he continuously laid down chases of two or better to gain the serving end. Chisholm had many well-placed forces to the dedans, but Fahey had the edge in terms of accuracy and the ability to rely on his natural talent in tough situations. 

Day 4 – Main Draw & Satellite (June 1, 2011)

Main Draw:

Riviere def Worseldine 6/1,6/0,6/4

Sayers def Hollins 6/5,6/3,6/1

Fahey def Lumley 6/0,6/4,6/1


Smith de Gooding 6/0,5/6,6/3

Chapman def Lumley 6/1,6/1

Day 3 – Main Draw (May 31, 2011)

Steve Virgona def Will Burns   6/0,6/0,6/1

Ben Matthews def Rich Smith   6/3,6/4,6/2

James Stout def Matthew Ronaldson   6/4,6/5,6/2

Tim Chisholm def Mike Gooding    6/2,5/6,6/3,6/1

Chris Chapman def Ricardo Smith 3/6,6/2,6/3,6/2

Day 2 – Satellite Draw (May 30, 2011)

Rich Smith def Jake Worseldine 6/2 6/1

John Lumley def Matt Ronaldson 6/5 6/5

Mike Gooding def Will Burns 6/2 6/4

Chris Chapman def 5/6,6/4,6/2

The draws are attached. Note that the Main Draw has been updated based on the resulst of the Satellite Draw. Main draw matches begin tomorrow.

Day 1 – Satellite Draw (May 29, 2011)

Will Burns def Josh Bainton 6/4, 6/5

Jake Worseldine def Adam Player 2/6, 6/3, 6/3

John Lumley def Adrian Kemp 6/1, 6/1

Tony Hollins def Claire Vigrass 6/3 6/1

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