The Knox Handicap Doubles Report 2011

We increased the maximum allowable handicaps for players to 35 from 30 this year. This certainly helped us attract a field of sixteen teams to compete in our traditional four pools of four round robin format. Adding a new twist this year,  the top two teams from each pool moved on to the quarter final round on Saturday night. Winners of one pool  played the second place finishers from a different pool.

The results of the quarter finals were testimony that the RTO handicaps are pretty close to being spot on: Dan Villiers and Lou Papouchado over Kevin Clancy and John Mears 6/4 4/6 6/4. Ginny Goodyear and Geoff Ellis over Mike McElroy and Tiger Riviere 6/5 2/6 6/5 . Ryan Carey and Bob Cook over Ken Forton and Dave Sterrett 6/5 5/6 6/3. Ben Cook and Rakish Jasani over Bauer Vaughters and George Handy Jr.6/3 6/3

In the semi finals Goodyear and Ellis defeated Carey and Cook in a tight three setter 4/6 6/2 6/4. The other semi was not as close as Dan Villiers and Lou Papouchado who received a significant handicap of rec 30 owe half 30 but had great difficulty neutralizing the brilliant volleying of Ben Cook and Rakish Jasani in a 6/1 6/1 defeat.

In the finals Cook and Jasani also had to give 30 owe half 30 to Ginny Goodyear and Geoff Ellis who managed to vary their shots and exert significant pressure on the defending Knox champions. However Cook and Jasani were just too strong and prevailed for the second year in a row as Knox Handicap Champions 6/3 6/2.

We also hosted the US Mixed Doubles Championships during the Knox Doubles. However, we were not nearly as successful in attracting participants. As a result the four players moved directly into the finals. What we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality and history!

Ben Cook teamed up with Ginny Goodyear against Rich Moroscak and Dana Kopald-Goodyear (Ginny’s daughter) The first set went convincingly to Cook and Goodyear 6/1, however, Rich seemed to turn his game up a notch while possibly Ben and Ginny lost a little focus due to the easy first set win. Dana also stared to hit some wonderful service returns and she also volleyed well from the side galleries. The second set went to Rich and Dana 6/4. The third set went back and forth in typical Mixed Doubles play with Ben and Rich challenging each other with a variety of forces, overheads and cut shots to the floor. Both ladies held up their end defending the galleries and not giving an inch in the serve and return of serve portions of the game. In the end there was not much between these the two teams; Rich Moroscak and Dana Kopald-Goodyear just made a few less errors at crucial points. They won the third and final set 6/4.

I think I am correct in stating that this was the first time a mother and daughter have faced each other in a USCTA National final. If anyone knows differently please let me know.  

I want to thank Gabe Kinzler and Wayne Davies who marked all the matches throughout the long weekend. Wayne was a spirited addition to the Knox event. Wayne treated us to several entertaining events over the weekend; he organized a calcutta, he challenged  us all to a brain teasing quiz game at the sit down dinner, and he even treated us to a one set, winner take all court tennis match where he played against R. Jasani and T. Riviere without a racket!  Wayne won 6/0.  

A special thank you to Michael Sullivan, Rick Preston, Bill Blalock and the social committee, for the assistance in the running this event. A special mention and thank you for the wonderful social events; two cocktail parties, two dinners as well as the Sunday brunch. I also wish to thank the Aiken members and friends who billeted out of town guests; M. Herbruck, D. Ridley, C. Bostwick, and T. Riviere.