The Jimmy Knott singles tournament was held in Newport on October 21-23.

Jeremy Wintersteen defeated Todd Merignoff in the final…the score was 6/2,6/5. In the back draw, Brian Owens defeated Andy Roberts 10/1. The draws are attached.

Special thanks to Brian Owens for hosting the Saturday night cocktail party and to the Newport Professionals – Rich Smith & Jake Worseldine for running a smooth weekend.

Read on for Richard Gilder’s comments on the final…. 

Wintersteen wins first set over upstart racquets star turned court tennis player 6/2. Racquets guy comes back strong in second set with surgically precise, lethal backhand volleys, his sidewall serves becoming more effective every point and keeping Jeremy off-balance and far from comfortable to go up 4/3 and then 5/4. Wintersteen bears down with almost unnervingly consistent responses highlighted by hard low floor-sidewall shots at chase 1 and 2. He finally prevails, drawing on the raw steely resolve that is his trademark. Result: Wintersteen, 6/5, bests racquet man’s increasingly more skilled strokes, surviving what was becoming a relentless onslaught. An excellent match.