The National Tennis Club (NTC) hosted the 2010 Wharton and Hickey Cups over the weekend of January 22-24. Both are National Level Championships for players with handicaps of 50-59 and 60+, respectively. Both divisions attracted a healthy number of players from many of the clubs, with 15 vying for the Wharton Cup and 17 in the Hickey Cup.

Garrett Gates, of Boston won both the Wharton and Hickey Cups. The 24 year old, former three time All American Tennis player at Bowdoin, has been playing the game for less than a month. Arriving in Newport on Friday with a 65 handicap, Gates benefitted from court time and match play, to leave on Sunday with 2 gold medals and a 45 Handicap. Not a bad effort for a quiet winter weekend!

In the Wharton Final, Gates played the #1 seed, Max Essery of Newport. He scored a decisive victory over Essery 6/1, 6/0. Serving tight bobbles, Gates dominated the service end. He cut off a majority of the balls with strong volleys.

Twenty minutes later, he went out to face fellow Bostonian, Nick Miller, for the Hickey Cup honors. Again, Gates demonstrated remarkable volleying – pulling balls out from the top of the dedans and hitting them to the base of the tambour. From the service end, standing at Last Gallery, his backhand volley appeared to be aimed directly for the Winning Gallery! Gates took the match 6/1, 6/0.

In the consolation tournaments, Paul Trombly defeated fellow Newporter, Allan Booth, 8/1 for the Wharton Cup. Clem Napolitano defeated Beth Winthrop, both of Newport, in the finals of the Hickey Cup, 8/5.

Congratulations to all! Thanks also to our markers, Rich Smith and Tony Hollins, who marked 39 matches on a cold court!