The US Pro Singles – Schochet Cup 2010

April 20th, 2010

Dear Professional:

The 2010 US Pro Singles – Schochet Cup is fast approaching.  The tournament is scheduled for May 30th – June 6th with a purse no less than $30,000!


The format for the Schochet Cup has changed this year. The top eight players will be placed into the main draw, leaving eight spots available for qualifying. A limit of 24 players for the field leaves 16 players vying for one of those eight spots. Four seeds will be placed in the Qualifying round which will be best of five sets. Those eight players who do not qualify for the main draw will receive $250 for appearance and will be entered into incentive paid back draw (best of three sets). The draws and match times will be posted on May 9th. All entries must contact 


Arrival and Social Events

All professionals are required to arrive by the start of their first match or by Tuesday 2ndJune for the social event, whichever occurs first.  Professionals are required to attend all social events.

All players are entitled to an appearance fee. In order to earn the appearance fee all players must show up on time to their matches as well as attended all sponsor related social events. If you fail to do so you will only earn your prize allocated prize amount.

* For American based Professionals, one Professional from each club must be present at the Friday night dinner. Also, a US based Professional meeting will be held June 1st, 12:00pm.

Players will be expected to wear a sports jacket to selected socials events and wear sports attire or smart dress whilst at the NTC.

Pro-Am Event

All players eliminated in the qualifying round have the opportunity to play in a paid, professional-amateur round-robin tournament, consisting of three matches of guaranteed play and a play-off.  Each professional will be paired with an amateur patron to play in a ten-game, no-advantage pro-set.  Pro-Am professionals will also be expected to mark the pro-am event – excluding the final.


Professional interested in marking please contact me via email, anyone not prepared to mark will be subject to a $100 penalty. We have not introduced the penalty payment as a punishment but to allow those who do not wish to mark to opt out.  This money will be used to find alternatives.


Players requiring housing should indicate this, including additional guests, at time of entry.

Thank you for your interest in this event.

All the best,

Rich Smith Tournament Director

2010 United States Professional Singles Tournament


The Schochet Cup

Entry Form

Name          ________________________________________

Club(s)        ________________________________________

Address      ________________________________________


Tel (H)        ________________               

Tel (M)       ________________               

Email          ________________________________________

Practice time request (if any) _______________


I will make my own arrangements                       YES/NO

I would like to stay with a club member              YES/NO

Signed ___________________________