Camden Riviere defeated Rob Fahey in the  finals of the US Professional Singles playing for the Schochet Cup. The score was 6/1,6/5,6/4.

In the back draw, Rich Smith defeated Josh Bainton 6/1,6/4

The Pro Am was won by Ricardo Smith & Kip Curren over Will Burns & Ryan Carey 10/9.

Day 5 – Semifinals – Exciting day of match play

Rob Fahey vs. Bryn Sayers

  • Bryn’s consistent main wall return punished any loose railroads
  • Rob served tighter in the 2nd & 3rd sets
  • ‘Bryn showed excellent shot selection and retrieving – forcing Rob to earn every point
  • Bryn missed an easy ball at 5-all, 15-all. From the receiving end, Bryn lost a chase 2nd gallery
  • Bryn served a variety of serves
  • Rob showed his mental toughness!

Rob wins 2/6,6/3,6/4,0/6,6/5

Camden Riviere vs. Steve Virgona

  • Camden was a little unlucku in the first set. Leading 5.3, Steve hit a gallery off an odd ledge ball.
  • Camden played the more patient match…just got everything back
  • Steve overhit when it wasn’t necessary
  • Camden served well

Camden wins 5/6,6/3,6/5,6/4


Rob Fahey vs. Ricardo Smith

Smith was up 5/3 in the first set. Fahey hid a mid court forehand to beat a gallery chase. This changed the momentum if the match and turned out to be Smith’s last chance to win a set.  

Overall all it was good tennis with Rob in his stride.

Shot of the day – Fahey played a volley return of serve into the tambour for a chase better than two. It was intentional!

Fahey wins 6/5, 6/0, 6/2

Camden Riviere vs. Mike Gooding

“Mike Gooding was pretty impressive for a guy his age.” Unfortunately, his game plan to out run Riviere was not the right strategy. There were many amazing rallies with lots of missed targets offset by incredible retrieving.

Riviere wins 6/3, 6/4, 6/1

Steve Virgona vs. Ben Matthews

Great retrieving from both players. Many dedans from Matthews when Virgona served loosely. Virgona tightened up his serving, which allowed him to hit targets.

Riviere wins 6/3, 6/3, 6/3

Bryn Sayers vs. James Stout

A rematch of the 2010 US Open Final! Every set was close. Stout came from 5/2 down in the first, to win 6/5. Stout appeared a little off in the next two sets, losing 6/3, 6/0. The final two sets were awesome, with both players raising their games up a level.

In the fourth set, Stout was ahead 5/2, but Sayers evened it out at 5-all. Sayers had a few match points but could not close it out. With an advantage point to Stout and serving, Stout won the set on a close call in his favor.

The fifth set was tied at 2-all before Sayers made him move to go up 5/2, Stout fought back to 5/4, before Sayers closed out the match in another deuce game!

Sayers showed some great mental toughness, despite some close calls that went against him.

Sayers wins 5/6, 6/3, 6/0, 5/6, 6/4

 Note: Comments thanks to Rob Fahey, Jon Dawes, Rich Smith, and Will Burns!

 The semifinals are on Friday. Rob Fahey will play Bryn Sayers at 11 and Steve Virgona plays Camden Riviere at 4:30.

 New to the Pro Singles this year is the back draw for first round losers. In the semis

  • Josh Bainton defeated Jon Dawes 3/6, 6/4 ret
  • Rich Smith defeated Tony Hollins 6/2, 6/2.
US Pro – Schochet Cup: Day 2

Tuesday, June 1…Top half of the first round…No surprises…the results:

  • Bryn Sayers def. Ged Eden 6/1,6/0,6/0
  • Ricardo Smith def. Rich Smith 6/1,6/2,6/5
  • James Stout def. Tony Hollins 6/2,6/2,6/1
  • Rob Fahey def. Josh Bainton 6/1,6/4,6/1
Monday, May 31… Day 1
  • Steve Virgona def. Will Burns 6/0,6/0,6/0
  • Mike Gooding def. Adam Player 6/0,6/1,6/0
  • Ben Matthews def. Jon Dawes 6/4,6/2,6/2
  • Camden Riviere def. Andrew Fowler 6/2,6/2,6/1

First round action continues on Tuesday, beginning at 10AM.

Match reports will begin on Thursday with the quarterfinals.

Live Video Coverage will begin on Friday for the semis and final….stay tuned for details!


Adam Player defeated Phil Shannon in five sets in the Qualifier Round of the US Pro Singles. Player advances into the main draw.