Inaugural National League match at The Tuxedo Club

Friday October 29th, 2010.

An enthusiastic crowd witnessed the first ever National League match at The Tuxedo

Club this past Friday evening. 

Josh Bainton unfortunately got stuck in a nightmare commute on his way into town from

Newport, RI causing for a delayed start to the evening and for the #1 Singles to be

played first.

Anticipation surrounded the #1 singles match as World Rackets Champion and World

#4 Court Tennis player James Stout was set to take on Tuxedo

Tim Chisholm. Tim had

however this win was due to inclement weather and potentially Cam taking it easy on an

ʼs new Rackets Directorʻdefeatedʼ Camden Riviere in Boston three weeks prior,


Tim took the first two games of the match, however these games seemed to be more

lost by James than won by Tim. James settled in quickly retrieving anything Tim hit at

him and steadily took the next 6 games and the set. The crowd was mesmerized by the

retrieving skills of the World Rackets Champion and his ability to generate exceptional

pace at times.

Tim seemed to settle in quite quickly in the second set, keeping the ball on the floor and

putting pressure on James with cut volleys and main wall forces from the hazard end as

well as playing a larger percentage of shots back under the winning gallery from the

service end. Time ran out to a 5-1 lead at which point James stepped up the pace

seemingly forcing from everywhere and took the next two games quickly. However, the

old manʼ and friend. Could Tim compete with the current US Open Title Holder???


The third set mirrored the second with Tim keeping the ball on the floor as well as

serving more and more railroads as the match progressed. Tim kept his nose in front

throughout and took the third set 6/2.

First match to Tuxedo 2/6 6/3 6/2.

Second singles saw Josh Bainton taking on Andrew Fowler. Josh seemed to be still

seeing red brake lights as Andrew took the first set very quickly 6/2. Andrew was just

too solid with his court coverage as Josh could not seem to find an area to exploit. The

galleries ears were ringing as Andrew peppered the grille throughout the set.

Josh settled in nicely at the start of the second set finding his length and making


went to Andrew as he forged to a 5-3 lead and the crowd was getting ready for the

doubles. Josh kept his head and fought back to 5-5 and there was murmuring about

another three setter?

set and the match.

Second match to New York 6/2 6/5.

On to the doubles….

The crowd sensed that the doubles would be a toss-up as on paper New York had a

handicap edge…but Chisholm and Bainton have played many matches together over

the years. After a tight first few games… the Tuxedo pair forged ahead to a fairly easy

victory 8/3.

A great crowd and some good tennis…..a successful first National League match at The

Tuxedo Club.

oldʼ man settled in took the next game and the set.ʻBigʼ work harder and harder for points. A couple tight games in the middle of the setʻBig Redʼ had other ideas and quickly won the 11th game of the