Over the weekend of March 12th through 14th, 6 teams battled for the Lord Percival Cup. The Lord Percival Cup, which is a Whitney Cup style team doubles format, brought teams from Boston, New York, Newport/Tuxedo, and three teams from the host club, Philadelphia. The tournament is held in conjunction with the Irish Invitational squash tournament. Great times were had by all during Friday’s Irish Invitational Dinner/Dance.

After two days of round robin matches, the final came down to the young team from Boston against a more experienced team from Philadelphia. In the #3 spot, Boston’s Chris Blier & John Edwards defeated Philadelphia’s Michael Fishman and Matt Loftus, 6/1, 6/5. Billy Connors & Brad Ursprung from Boston defeated Jules Zacher & Bruce Katz from Philadelphia in the #2 spot, 6/5, 6/2. Lastly, Boston’s #1 team of Dave Tedeschi & Garrett Gates defeated Philadelphia’s #1 team, Jack Graham & Jon Noel, 6/3, 6/5, to complete the sweep in the final