From January 22nd through January 24th, the Greevy Cup was contested for by players with handicaps between 20-29 at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia. Three of the four semifinalists are veterans of the game but it was the one newcomer, Jon Crowell, that took home the honors. After outlasting John Madzin 6-Love in the 3rd set on Saturday afternoon, Crowell met Andrew Purcell in the final match on Sunday morning. Purcell survived a marathon semifinal earlier Sunday morning against Peter Vogt, lasting an amazing 2+ hours. In the final, the first set was intense with long rallies and several multi-deuce games. Crowell won the first set 6-4 and set into his stride as the fatigue from his first match was not helping Purcell’s cause. Crowell defeated the defending champion 6-4, 6-2 to win his first attempt at the Greevy Cup after beginning the sport only a year and a half ago. Thank you to the Racquet Club of Philadelphia and the Markers Barney Tanfield, Steve Virgona and Rob Whitehouse.