Chatter was a “flurry”…. There were predictions of inclement weather for the mid-east northward to Philadelphia starting last Friday Feb 5.  Should or could the Anne Boleyn and the 1st  Women’s Invitational tournaments be played in Philadelphia Feb 5-7?  That being said, not even heavy snowfall outside or even on the court prevented the tournaments from being played as scheduled.

Melissa Grassi and Pam Post hosted both events with generous support from the Grassi Family, two talented Philly Pros – Rob Whitehouse and Barney Tanfield and members of the Philadelphia Racquet Club.  Plenty of play, fine cuisine and lots of laughs lasted the entire weekend….

New and seasoned players from Aiken, Newport, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington made up the draws for both events.  Tournament finalists held on Sunday included: 

Anne Boleyn- Susie Schwartz (BOS) and Beth Winthrop (NPT) – Both players are relatively new to the game.  While Beth fought hard and never gave up, Susie’s steady and consistent play could not be surpassed… Result: Susie won the 2010 Anne Boleyn 8 games to 3

Women’s Invitational – Melissa Grassi (PHL) and Ginny Goodyear (AIK) – The inaugural tournament (for US Women players only) was best 3 sets.  Both finalists have played in numerous court tennis tournaments.  That being said, neither has won a major due to the influx of British and Aussie contenders.  Both played exceptional but in the end there is only one winner.  Result: Ginny won the US Women’s Invitational 6-2/6-3 (??)

Thanks to all who participated and volunteered their time.