Washington – December 4-6. Camden Riviere def. Steve Virgona 6/2,6/4,6/2

Camden Riviere took on Steve Virgona in the finals of the National Open at Prince’s Court.  Riviere got off to a quick start, taking the first set 6-2, while Virgona struggled to find his usual consistency.  But, as they say, “ask and you shall receive.”  Virgona found his usual skill in the second set, and the points and games got longer as both players returned seemingly impossible balls. Ultimately, the war was won in the air.  Camden’s aim for the openings was near perfect, while Virgona’s forces sometimes clipped the sides of the dedans and grille.  The difference was enough.  The second set was a hard-fought 6-4 to Riviere, with many games going to deuce.  But Virgona flagged in the third set, and the match went to Riviere, 6-2, 6-4, 6-2.  

This win followed Riviere’s defeat to Virgona in the British Open last month.   The match was available via online streaming on Prince’s Court’s website, and comments on the magnificent quality of play came in from New York, England, and Saudi Arabia