Sorry for the inconvenience…Tuesday’s showing of “Origins of Tennis” was pre-empted by a replay of the 2009 US Men’s Open Final – imagine that! At any rate, this is the latest information we have. I would advise all interested viewers to check the schedule to avoid any disappointments! As for those of you that do not get the Tennis Channel, we are looking into getting copies of the show. We will keep you posted.


The Tennis Channel will be showing a series entitled “Origins of the Game” Thursday, September 17th at 7PM and 11PM on the Tennis Channel

Signature Series: Origins of the Game

Is it possible that Tennis is one of the oldest games in the world? One thing is for sure, the game of tennis has existed for centuries in one form or another. Its evolution is vast – from religious ceremony to street-ball game to country clubs and finally Grand Slams. This documentary utilizes period artwork, original animations, and historical re-enactments to explore the history of the game.

Additional viewings will be:

Friday, September 18        2PM

Saturday, September 19    1AM, 3PM, 11PM