The World Championship will be played in France in May. In order to determine who will be the Challenger to current World Champion, Rob Fahey, a series of eliminator matches will be played. The four potential challengers based on the world rankings as of December 2007 are:

  • #2        Steve Virgona (AUS)
  • #3        Ruaraidh Gunn (AUS)
  • #4        Camden Riviere (US)
  • #5        Tim Chisholm (US) 

The first round of the eliminators will be played in March with the following pairings: 

  • Steve Virgona vs. Tim Chisholm
  • Ruaraidh Gunn vs. Camden Riviere 

The series will involve a home and away match(es). A match will be the best 3 out of 5 sets, with a potential of 3 matches in total. The schedule is as follows.

 Gunn vs. Riviere

            March 8 – Aiken

            March 18 – Melbourne

            March 20 – Melbourne (if needed)

Virgona vs. Chisholm

            March 4- Boston

            March 11 – Philadelphia

            March 13 – Philadelphia (if needed)

The winners of each series will go on to play the final eliminator in April. The location will be announced later.

 For ticket info click the following links:

Riviere vs. Gunn – Aiken, March 8th

Virgona vs. Chisholm – Boston, March 4th

Virgona vs. Chisholm – Philadelphia, March 11, 13 –to be posted

For information on the World Championship in May, visit World Championship