Results of Matches

Knox 2008

Wednesday  6:00pm

Haltermann/Papouchado vs D.Stoker/R.Preston W 6/2 6/3

Wednesday  7:15pm

E. Hughes/J. Wharton vs C. Bostwick / R. Jasani W 5/6 6/4 6/5

Wednesday  8:30pm

J. Geddes / A.  Rutherfurd vs M.  Sullivan /W. Scherer 6/5 6/2

Thursday 3:30

C.  Bostwick/ R. Jasani vs D. Stoker /R. Preston W/O

Thursday 6:00

Haltermann/Papouchado vs E.Hughes/J.Wharton W 6/2 1/6 6/5

Friday 10:00am

T. Riviere/ D. Villiers vs J. Olsen /M. McElroy  W 6/3 6/2

Friday 5:30

T.  Poolman/ K. Curren  vs J. Olsen /M. McElroy W 6/5 6/1

Friday 7:00

J. Geddes/A. Rutherfurd vs G. Handy /B. Cook W 4/6 6/2 6/4

Saturday 1:30

C. Bostwick/ R. Jasani vs Haltermann/ Papouchado W/O

Saturday 3:00

T. Poolman/ Kip Curren vs T. Riviere/ D. Villiers W 4/6 6/5 6/4

Saturday 4:30

E. Hughes/Jim Wharton vs D. Stoker/R. Preston W 5/6 6/4 6/4

Saturday 6pm

M. Sullivan/ W. Scherer vs G.  Handy/ B. Cook W 6/1 6/2


Semi Finals: Olsen/ McElroy vs Stoker/ Preston W 6/5 6/3

Semi Finals:  Hughes/ Wharton vs Handy /Cook W 6/3 6/2


Stoker /Preston vs Handy /Cook W 1/6, 6/2, 6/1

Tournament Report by D. Stoker

The 2008 Knox Tournament only featured ten teams this year probably because this was a particularly busy time in the Court Tennis world; our tournament came fresh on the heels of the World Overs in New York, and at the start of the T&RA Centenary Celebration in England. Nonetheless we did attract a few players from out of town, of whom we are very grateful for making the trip; John Olsen, Mike McElroy, and Dan Villiers from Boston, Kip Curren, and Jim Wharton from Newport, Tony Poolman from Australia, and Ed Hughes who was wintering here in Aiken.

During round robin play we saw five of the ten matches go the full three sets. Three of the matches that did not go three sets involved teams with players who were playing off the mandatory upper limit of a 30 handicap, which was lower then their regular handicap.

The point being, we utilized the Real Tennis Online handicaps in a slightly different manner then in the past to assist us in getting the handicaps right. First of all, we publicized to the players that we were going to be using the lower of either a players singles or doubles handicap, providing there was enough match activity to substantiate the handicap. Then we would be constantly updating the RTO handicaps at the end of each match in order to accurately handicap each match in the tournament. We feel this was very helpful to us, and the end result was pretty accurate happing and plenty of good close matches.  

The social activities this year, organized by Michael Sullivan, were a big hit, starting with the Thursday evening cocktails and oyster welcome party. We served fresh, steamed and a new addition; barbequed oysters and a variety of heavy hors d’oeuvres. On Friday night Chef Jackie Sutherland produced a salmon and smoked pork dinner which was served out on our lawn, on a warm evening, truly a lovely setting for all to enjoy. Cetta Knox graciously provided a brunch to all participants in between the semis and the finals on Sunday.

 The semi finals had the top four seeded times meet each other on Sunday morning. Stoker and Preston were evenly matched in the first set against Olsen and McElroy narrowly squeaking out ahead 6/5.The second set included five games at 40 all, four of them went to Stoker Preston as they won the set 6/3 and the match. Hughes and Wharton who’s every match in the round robin went the full three sets, had their hands full with Handy and Cook. George Handy played solid and consistent tennis, while Ben Cook overpowered his opponents whenever he volleyed the ball anywhere near the net. Handy and Cook prevailed 6/3 6/2 to move into the finals.

Preston and Stoker got off to a flying start seemingly doing everything right in the first set, they moved ahead 6/1. Then with a two love lead in the second, once again Ben Cook with strong support from George Handy found their rhythm. They changed up service tactics; Ben attacked balls at the net on the serving side and managed to completely turn the match around. As things had gone in favor of Stoker and Preston in the first set Cook and Handy managed to make it work when it really mattered; the second and third sets. They won the match 1/6, 6/2, 6/1  to become the Knox Doubles Champs for 2008.

Many thanks our tournament committee, and to all of those that pitched in to assist and to house our visitors. A special thanks to Gabe Kinzler for doing a wonderful job of marking the matches and catering to the needs of the players.