The US Junior National Doubles playing for the Lieb Cup was held in Newport, October 10-12, 2008. 12 Junior players participated in a grueling weekend of match play and drill sessions. The final results were:

A Division:

 Paul Monaghan (Phila) & Caroline Lippincott (Newport) def. James Chamberlain (Newport ) & Owen Heath (Newport) 6/4,4/6,6/4

B Division:

Gamble Freydberg (Npt) & Jacob Mason (Npt) def. Vica White (Npt) & Kevin McDermott (Npt) 8/6

C Division:

Conner & Cameron Buettner (Tuxedo) def. Justin Bartenbach (Npt) & Johnny Chamberlain (Npt) 8/6