NTC Junior Court Tennis Quiz:

1.                  Who is the current World Champion?

2.                  How many years has he been World Champion?

3.                  Where is the World Championships being held in 2008?

4.                  Who are the current ladies World Champion?

5.                  What is heavier, a baseball or court tennis balls?

6.                  Why is the door called the door?

7.                  Why is the racket shaped weirdly?

8.                  If the ball is hit through the rafters is it still in play?

9.                  How many stitches should be in a tennis ball?

10.             In feet, how high is the middle of the net 3,4, or 5 feet?

11.             In feet, how high is the end of the net 3, 8, or 5 feet?

12.             How many courts are in play in the US?

13.             How many playing courts are active in the world?

14.             How many countries is court tennis played in?

15.             What is Court Tennis called in France?

16.             What is Court Tennis called in Australia?

17.             What is Court Tennis called in the UK?

18.             What is in the Core of a Tennis Ball?

19.             What company makes Court Tennis Rackets?

20.             Name the three Winning Openings on Court?

21.             What does the centerline of the service box mean in doubles?

22.             Is it the 1st or 2nd bounce that sets the chase?

23.             How many times is it allowed to bounce on the penthouse before being hit?

24.             Name 5 professionals?

25.             What is the name of the Governing body for Court Tennis in the US?

26.             What is the name of the International Professionals Governing Body?

27.             What color clothing must you wear on court?

28.             Which shot is more effective in Court Tennis, Topspin or Cut?

29.             Name 3 serves?

30.             What is the Bandeau?