Newport hosted the US Junior Doubles playing for the Lieb Cup on July 27-29. It was a beautiful weekend for swimming, cookouts, pizza and, of course, some great tennis!

A few of the kids started playing this summer; others are more “seasoned” with at least 1 or more years of playing time. Regardless of the amount of experience, it is amazing to watch the juniors improve over a year, or even over a weekend. And no matter how the kids did over the weekend, they all had a great time!

Beth Winthrop did a great job of organizing the weekend along with Rich Smith and Tony Hollins. Thanks also, to all of the tournament sponsors, along with the Lieb Family and the late, John Lieb, who made this weekend possible.

The Final Results were:

A Division: Pat Winthrop & Alex Rodzianko def.

                 Tom Pickin & Alex White 6/3, 6/0

B Division: Dylan Ward & Celeste Atlee def.

                  Billy Russo & Phoebe Livingston 6/1, 6/1

C Division: Caroline Lippincott & Laurenson Ward def.

        James Chamberlain & Sam Henken 6/3, 6/2

For Lieb Cup Photos by Bill Burgin