Several initiatives have been taken, locally and abroad, to generate funds and donations. Apart from that, progress might well accelerate soon in view of the following exciting development. The Huis ter Kleef Real Tennis Club project has been nominated (with 14 other monuments) to compete for 1 million euros Lottery money in a series of TV programmes called BankGiro Loterij Restauratie (based on the popular Restoration BBC series).

The series started on Saturday 18 November,the programme of 16 December will feature the Huis ter Kleef project. After each programnme the viewers can vote for their favourite  project. The final live programme, featuring the five winning monuments,can be seen  on Saturday 23 December on Nederland 2 (AVRO), from (approx) 8.15-9.10 pm. 

We appeal to all of you to cast your vote for the world’s oldest covered tennis court – unfortunately you can’t vote directly from abroad, but please ask any relatives, family, friends living in Holland to vote by phoning (between 16-20 December) 0909-8880, and select option  (KAATSBAAN), or sms KAATSBAAN to 7227. Thank you!!

For further information please see our website >

All the best from a wet and windy Holland,
Patrick Reuser
President RTC Huis ter Kleef