The 2006 Jimmy Knott Memorial Singles and the Jay Gould Doubles tournaments took place at the Tennis & Racquet Club of Boston on the weekend of October 20-22.The Jimmy Knot had a field of ten players. In the first round the T&R’s Alex Spence surprised Prince’s Court Ryan Carey with a 6/4, 6/0 upset. The next match resulted in Kris Motz of Prince’s Court with a victory over the T&R’s Mike McElroy      6/4, 6/3.

Second round action included number one seed George Bell (T&R) dispatching Alex Spence 6/1 and 6/0. Jeremy Wintersteen triumphed over Rob McLean in a 6/3, 6/3 contest. Shawn Herlihy got by Prince’s Court player John Motz in a three set battle 2/6, 6/2 and 6/3. John’s brother Kris was defeated by The National Tennis Club’s Doug Spear in another three setter, 6/1, 4/6 and 6/0.

The semi’s feature match was Jeremy Wintersteen’s victory over top seed George Bell in yet another three set showdown 4/6, 6/1 and 6/4. The other half of the semi’s was Shawn Herlihy defeating Doug Spear 6/2 and 6/0.  

The all T&R final was Jeremy Wintersteen against Shawn Herlihy. Jeremy continued his remarkable weekend performance with a 6/0, 6/0 victory to claim the Jimmy Knott!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Jay Gould began with five teams with hopes of victory. The event began with the T&R’s Mike McElroy and John Olsen facing off against Price’s Court’s Ryan Carey and Michael Do. McElroy and Olsen defeated the Washington team 6/1 and 6/0.

In the semi-final round McElroy/Olsen came up against the seasoned T&R veterans George Bell and Rob Mclean. Bell and McLean won this contest 6/4 and 6/0.The Motz brothers, Kris and John from Prince’s Court played Jeremy Wintersteen and Shawn Herlihy in a three set battle. Wintersteen and Herlihy prevailed 6/5, 5/6 and 6/2.                                                                                                                                  

The final was to be an all T&R event. George Bell and Rob McLean squared off against Jeremy Wintersteen and Shawn Herlihy for the right to win the Jay Gould. Wintersteen and Herlihy could not be stopped. They were victorious with a score of 6/1 and 6/5.

Special thanks to Pro Jimmy Burke and club manager Tom Dobbins for job well done during this busy weekend of competition.