Open: Ivan Ronaldson/Will Simonds over Josh Bainton/Rich Moroscak (6/4 in the third!) (shown right, below with Bill McLaughlin, center)

A Div: (below) Jeremy Wintersteen (Bos)/PJ Yeatman (phl) over Peter Vogt (Phl)/ Bill Barker (Wash)

photo submitted by David Scott)

B Div: (below) Stuart Murray/Dick Tanfield (right, of Phl)) over Jane Lippincott/David Boenning (both Npt) (6/4, 5/6, 6/5!)

(photo submitted by David Scott)

C Div: (below) Michael Do and Ryan Carey (both Wash) over

Kip Curren (Npt) /Matthew Hyde (Phl) (6/4 in the third!)

D Div:  Jon Noel and Peter Bender defeat John Gregory

and Alex Aimette (winners below)photo submitted by David Scott)

E Div: Bill Rosseau (Npt)/Charlotte Grassi (Wash) (in RR play) (no photo available)