Dec 2-4, 2005, Tuxedo Park, NY: The Tuxedo Club is becoming a force in junior tennis in the U.S.  Not only did Tuxedo players make it to the finals in both divisions this weekend, but the Club has shown a strong commitment to the development of their young members.

Front row, left to right: Caroline Lippincott, Laurenson Ward, Clement Hathaway, Jack Young, John Chamberlain, William Pryor.  Middle row, left to right: Organizer Peter Ashby-Howard, Nick Auerbach (partially hidden), Dylan Ward, Gus Eletherio, Paul Monaghan, James Chamberlain.  Back row, left to right: Organizer Barbara Gebhart, Will Standish, Robert McManus, Andrew Emil, Alex Rodzianko, Vica White, Tennis Committee Chairman Walter Deane.

The weekend was a fast-paced blend of clinics, tournament matches and of course, court tennis football.    Tom Greevy and Ken Jacobs organized the on-court action.  After sizing up the players during the clinics, two draws were created based on age/skill level.  Here’s how the action played out in the Gold Division:


Andrew Emil (NY) def. Laurenson Ward (Phl) (no score available)

Dylan Ward (Phil) def. Gus Eletherio (Npt), 6-1

Vica White (Npt) def. Robert McManus (NY) in one of the closest matches, 6-5

Alex Rodzianko (Tux) def. Nick Auerbach (Phl) 6-1


Emil def. Ward, 6-4.

Rodzianko def. White, 6-1.


Rodzianko def. Emil, 6-4. (played “straight up”)

In the final, Andrew Emil (all 6’4″ and growing!) came out with very strong play and quickly jumped ahead 3-0.  Alex remained very calm and started to find his range, particularly his strong serve, so effective in his semi-final match.  He won six of the next seven games to take the match 6-4.

Alex Rodzianko, Gold Division Winner in 2005 Tuxedo Jr. Event (right)

In the Green Division, play proceeded as follows:


Jack Young (Tux) advanced with a bye.

David Whitney (  ) def. James Chamberlain (Npt) 6-4.

Paul Monaghan (Phl) def. Caroline Lippincott (Npt) 6-0.

Will Standish (Phl) def. Graham van der Lee  (Tux) 6-5.


Young def. Whitney, 6-3.

Monaghan def. Standish, 6-0.


Young def. Monaghan 6/5 (on simultaneous match point!)

The final, a very impressive display of ability by players so young, was a see-saw affair.  Players remained within a game of each other throughout the match and in the end, it was decided by a single point, as both players held match point.

(from left to right, Paul Monaghan and Jack Young)

The (right) Newport contingent at dinner Saturday night at the Golf House.

Dylan Ward and Gus Eletherio (right).

(Left) Look for Peter Ashby-Howard’s children to place in the 2010 and 2014 events.  For right now, they’re avid fans!

The honorable Mr. Greevy makes a point during one of the clinics. (Is that an unknown spectator reflecting in the background, or has the player just “seen the light”?!)

The weekend was made possible by a grant from the United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation, and our gracious hosts, the Tuxedo Club.  Thank you to the pro’s, Tom and Ken, to Jackie and Margaret, to Walter Deane for arranging for use of the Club this weekend, including a great dinner at the Golf House Saturday night (nothing like unlimited Tuxedo Fries to please the kids!).  Thanks  to all those who opened their homes to the players and their parents/chaperones and to the many Club members who came out to watch and support the future of the game.