October, 2003: A crew of players went down to Tuxedo Park to help begin what we hope will be an annual Challenge Cup. This year the Newport club was represented by Luke Danby, Alex Walsh, Chris Cline, Ross Cann, Mark Lewinstein and David Enstone. Greg Van Schaack played host and Tuxedo provided a wonderful setting and atmosphere for the matches.

Although Newport lost two matches to three, all but one of the matches went to three sets. After a marvelous dinner Saturday night in the Tennis House, the team played a series of social matches on Sunday. For those of you who

have not been to Tuxedo Park, the tennis house is located directly on a lake and is a magnificent setting for sport–well worth the drive from Newport.

Next year Newport is planning on hosting Tuxedo.  We will be hard pressed to create an event with as much style and grace as the one they put on for us.