Well, the weather was wild and so was the tennis, from what I hear.  Safely 3000 miles and three time zones away, I only have secondhand knowledge of what went on at the National Tennis Club this past weekend, but when the dust settled, the results were:

Berry Packham, playing off a 26, beat Doug Spear (playing off a 17 handicap) 10-6 in the main draw singles final.    For the record, Berry was down 2-7 to Ross Cann in the opening round and came back to win, 10-9.  Way to go, Berry!

First round losers went into a consolation. This would include the aforementioned Ross Cann, who won this round, playing off a 30, vs. Jane Lippincott, playing off 26 and owing ½ 15.  Watch your back, Ross, Jane does not like to lose!

In the doubles draw, Ross had better luck, in an evenly balanced pairing with the always reliable Arthur Chapman, combined team handicap of 30.    They defeated Jonathan Pardee and perennial emcee and ever-the-entertainer Dick Poholek  (combined handicap of 28) 10-5 in a near-scratch final.  The doubles consolation round featured the equally talented duo of Lippincott and Berry Packham, with a combined handicap of 26, going down to Blake Henderson and Pat Winthrop (team handicap of 29) 10-6.

The Casino Cup 2003
Singles Draw
Spear (17)      
Friday 3:00pm Spear (17)    
Winthrop (29) 10-6    
  Saturday 5:00pm Spear (17)  
Lippincott (26)   10-7  
Saturday 8:00am Boenning (20)    
Boenning (20) 10-7    
    Sunday 1:00pm Packham
Packham (26)     10-6
Friday 4:00pm Packham (26)    
Cann (30) 10-9    
  Saturday 3:00pm Packham (26)  
Henderson (28)   10-7  
Friday 11:00am Damon (19)    
Damon (19) 10-9    
Consolation Round
Saturday 9:00am Lippincott (26)    
Lippincott def.    
Cann Sunday 10:00am Cann  
Saturday 10:00am Cann (30) 10-2  
Henderson 10-4    
2003 Casino Cup
Doubles Draw
Bainton/Murphy (15)
Friday 6:00pm Boenning/Wermuth (27)
Boenning/Wermuth (27)    
  Saturday 2:00pm Cann/Chapman (30)
Cann/Chapman (30)   10-4
Friday 12:00pm Cann/Chapman (30)  
Lippincott/Packham (26)  
  Sunday 12:00pm Cann/Chapman
Damon/Curren (24)   10-5
Saturday 12:00pm Damon/Curren (24)  
Henderson/Winthrop (29)    
  Saturday 4:00pm Pardee/Poholek (28)
Pardee/Poholek (28)   10-8
Saturday 1:00pm Pardee/Poholek (28)
Smith/Tomaino (16)
Consolation Round
Bainton/Murphy (15)
Saturday 11:00am Lippincott/Packham (26)
Lippincott/Packham (26)  
  Sunday 9:00am Henderson/Winthrop
Henderson/Winthrop (29)   10-6
Saturday 6:00pm Henderson/Winthrop (29)
Smith/Tomaino (16)