There was a record draw at the 2002 U.S. Junior National Singles Championships, hosted this year by The Tuxedo Club, on March 22-24.

29 juniors from six of the nine U.S. clubs and one entry from the U.K. competed in three separate draws: the Novice division, the Intermediate division and the Senior division.  For all three divisions, the format was single elimination, best-two-of-three no-ad sets, with the third set beginning at two-all.

Despite the fact that the National Tennis Club sent a huge contingent of players, the winners hailed from other clubs, showcasing the improving breadth and depth of junior development.  Newport did come away with two of the three finalist trophies.

In the Novice division, Alex Nasrinpay of the International Tennis Club of Washington bested Newport’s Patrick Sampson in Sunday’s final.  Alex reached the final by defeating three other Newport players: David Sayer (6/3, 6/3); David Hampton (6/5, 6/1); and Alex White (6/2, 6/0).   Patrick earned the final by defeating two other Washington players: Alex’s younger brother Andrew Nasrinpay (6/0, 6/0); David Matthews (6/4, 6/0) and fellow Newporter Chelsea “Chillie” Bernstein (6/0, 6/2).  Though he made a late charge in the second set, Pat could not hold off Alex.  Final score was 6/0, 6/5.


In the Intermediate division, Tom Weaver of the Seacourt Club in Hayling Island, England, defeated Patrick Winthrop of Newport, 6/0, 6/3 in Sunday’s final.  Patrick was a runner-up in the Novice division two years ago; like so many of the Newport players, he has steadily improved, but Weaver was far too consistent in moving his opponent side to side with well-cut shots to either corner.   Tom is #1 in his age group at Seacourt.  He reached the final by defeating three Newport players: Mary Livingston (6/0, 6/0); John Paul Jewell (6/2, 6/1) and Frank Curren (6/5, 6/1).  In the semifinal with Curren, both players held simultaneous set point in the first set, due to the no-ad scoring format.  Patrick had a challenging road to the final: he squeaked past New York’s Gordon McMorris (6/4,

Tom Weaver and Pat Winthrop

4/6, 6/5), and had another three-setter against Alex Hufford of Washington (6/3, 3/6, 6/3). [Alex Hufford’s dad is a top-ranked squash player and Alex’s play showed a lot of that same agility and knowledge of angles.]  Pat defeated his sister Jen Winthrop in the semifinals, avenging a loss to her two years ago (6/0, 6/1).

In the Senior division, there were only two entrants: Aiken’s Cam Riviere, who despite his young age (14) has been playing for several years, and Barney Tanfield from the Philadelphia Racquet Club, at age 20, with six years and several inches on his opponent.  Barney and Cam both play off handicaps in the low teens.  Barney’s size allows him to play a power game, though in recent years he’s learned to temper that, and mix up his pace.  Cam’s retrieving ability and classic floor game, along with his skill at handling any opponent’s power, made this a highly entertaining contrast in style.   Barney prevailed in straight sets, though Cam came back from a deep deficit in the first set – final score was 6/4, 6/5.


The Tuxedo Club’s legendary hospitality was in full force for this event.  Tom Greevey and Ken Jacobs marked thirty matches over 48 hours and still managed to remain sane.   The Club hosted a dinner in the Clubhouse Friday night, and provided sumptuous daytime fare in the Tennis House.  The billeting hosts – Walter Dean, Alexander Salm and Peter Regna – were extremely generous in opening their homes to such a large and energetic contingent of players.

For their part, the players, despite their youth, were perfect sportsmen and women who all demonstrated a deep knowledge not only of the game but of its traditions.  The next generation of players is ready to carry the torch!  Congratulations to all.

 Some of the competitors at the 2002 U.S. Junior Singles Championships

Full results:

Novice Division

First Round

D. Matthews (DC) d. AJ Bouchard (Npt) – 6/0, 6/0

P. Sampson (Npt) d. A. Nasrinpay (DC) – 6/0, 6/0

D. Hampton (Npt) d. N. Guinchard (Tux) – 6/2, 6/3

A. Nasrinpay (DC) d. D. Sayer (Npt) – 6/3, 6/3

A. White (Npt) d. M. Mazzone (Tux) – (score unavailable)

C. Keefe (Npt) d. P. Livingston (Npt) – 6/1, 6/0

Second Round

C. Bernstein (Npt) d. T. Picken (Npt) – 6/1, 6.1

P. Sampson d. D. Matthews – 6/4, 6/0

A. Nasrinpay d. D. Hampton – 6/5, 6/1

A. White d. C. Keefe – 6/4, 6/4


P. Sampson d. C. Bernstein – 6/0, 6/2

A. Nasrinpay d. A. White – 6/2, 6/0


A. Nasrinpay d. P. Sampson – 6/0, 6/5

Intermediate Division

First Round

B. Douglas (Npt) d. L. Mazzone (Tux) – 6/0, 6/2

T. Weaver (Sea) d. M. Livingston (Npt) – 6/0, 6/0

P. Winthrop (Npt) d. G. McMorris (NY) – 6/4, 4/6, 6/5

A. Hufford (DC) d. D. Franzi (Npt) – 6/2, 6/4

J. Winthrop (Npt) d. S. VanSchaack (Tux) – 6/3, 6/4

Second Round

F. Curren (Npt) d. B. Douglas – 6/0, 6/0

T. Weaver d. J.P. Jewell (Npt) – 6/2, 6/1

P. Winthrop d. A. Hufford – 6/3, 3/6, 6/3

J. Winthrop d. J. Clooney (Npt) – 6/4, 6/5


Weaver d. Curren – 6/5, 6/1

P. Winthrop d. J. Winthrop – 6/0, 6/1


Weaver d. P. Winthrop – 6/0, 6/3

Senior Division


B. Tanfield (Phil) d. C. Riviere (Aik) – 6/4, 6/5.